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This sampling of educational tutorials and learning resources are designed to provide program knowledge and training, proper workflows, pipeline management and best practices when using Autodesk 3ds Max. (Note: this is only a partial list of the resources available. To recommend additional links for inclusion on this list, please add your comments to the “Was this helpful?” section at the bottom of the page.)


Your Career in 3D with Autodesk

  • Tips on starting a career in computer graphics with 3ds Max and Maya (includes new Introductory tutorials for 3ds Max and Maya to refresh your skills)

Ensuring 3ds Max Scene Integrity

  • 3ds Max Scene Security Tools 2022-2022
  • Scene Security Tools 2.1.0

Free Learning and Models

  • Autodesk Knowledge Network
  • Autodesk Learning Resources (main page)
  • Autodesk Area Learning Hub
  • Autodesk Learning Channel
  • 3ds Max Design Academy
  • Eloi Andaluz Fullà – YouTube
  • Arrimus 3D – YouTube
  • Jose Elizardo – YouTube
  • Creative Cow
  • CG Society
  • 3DTotal
  • CG Palagan
  • ​CG Mata piano
  • Creative Crash
  • VFX Skills
  • Video Copilot (compositing in Adobe After Effects)
  • GrabCAD (Various free 3D models uploaded by users)

Paid Learning and Models

  • Pluralsight  (Formerly Digital Tutors)
  • LinkedIn Learning (formerly Lynda)
  • The Gnomon Workshop
  • Turbosquid

Arnold Renderer Tutorials

  • Arnold Tutorials for 3ds Max
  • Arnold for 3ds Max User Guide
  • Introduction to Arnold for 3ds Max
  • Comprehensive Introduction to Arnold for 3ds Max
  • How to denoise Arnold renders for optimal results in 3ds Max
  • Rendering with Arnold in 3ds Max (Interior + Exterior Lighting techniques, denoising and generating Light AOVs)
  • How to create soft or distinct shadows with Arnold Skydome lights in 3ds Max
  • How to use the Autodesk Material Library with Arnold renderer in 3ds Max
  • SolidAngle Arnold (MAXtoA) Material Library

Max Fluid Tutorials and Resources

  • 3ds Max Fluids (Parts 1-4)
  • Fluids Help Documentation

Free Tools and MAXScripts

  • Scriptspot

Free Particle Flow Presets

  • 100 ParticleFlow files and example movies from Allan McKay

Free 3ds Max 2022 Sample Files

  • 3ds Max 2022 Sample Files

this file is 1.4 gigs in size.

Free 3ds Max 2022 Assets and Example files

  • Download Online Assets

Personalized Training and Consulting

The best option for any additional training and information is by using the Autodesk Partner Finder,as they can provide supplemental training, support and other helpful resources within desired areas for 3ds Max.

The Autodesk 3ds Max Forumsalso offer extensive resources from 3ds Max experts.

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