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Game Logo

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is a game with slow transformation of the main character inspired by games on the site like Afterlife, Timeless Pantheon, Magical Camp, and quite a few more. In particular, I was inspired by their ability to tell a quality story with compelling characters independent of the TF themes while also using said themes as a pillar of the story and lore.

Below is my planned scope for it…

  • Enter an contemporary/urban/science fantasy story that involves magic, original supernatural beings, and transformations of our male lead. All of this is made with a focus on narrative, characterization, worldbuilding, and storytelling.
  • Explore unique themed dungeons with their own compelling mini-story arcs and find more extreme TFs throughout the game’s various bad ends and temporary forms throughout a given dungeon.
  • Accept or resist your transformation by making choices to sway the main character’s attitude on the situation, take on player controlled transformation customization via TFs being connected to class unlocks, and hunt out hidden TFs through dungeon stories and side quests.
  • Battle in a responsive, dynamic, and user friendly take on the RPG Maker battle system that emphasizes strategy. That means there is no grinding, no random battles, and a variety of other quality of life features.
  • Take on high challenge, optional bosses if you really want to test your strategies and mastery of the combat system

I’m very open to feedback and opinions, so please provide that via the discussion thread or reviews (whichever is appropriate based on the rules and content) if you’re willing to provide.


  • You can use saves from earlier versions. Chapter end saves are considered the safest ones to stay compatible. To transfer your save, move the save folder under ‘www’ to replace the one in the new game files
  • You can speed through dialogue using the “Page Down” button/R1 button on controller. This helps to redo scenes much quicker (though it does risk cutscenes potentially breaking if you’re not careful. Save often if you do.)

     You need to put the “Game” file in your Application folder. Or else any action that accesses the save system will fail and crash the game.


  • The Discord for the game and any other projects I make.
  • Oathbreaker – Also a slow TF TG RPG, but this one using tactical RPG combat like Fire Emblem. (A collaboration with Icarue)
  • Petrichor – An escape room type game and a short, side story that takes place in the same universe as this with it’s own cast of characters.

Betweenis an original contemporary/urban/science fantasy game that involves magic, original supernatural beings, and transformations of our male lead. It is inspired by games on the site like Afterlife, Timeless Pantheon, Magical Camp, and more… as well as commerical titles like the Trails/Kiseki series, the Persona series, and the Xenoblade series.

The main character (a recently hired employee of a company called IMEA Engineering) and his companions are thrown into a struggle for their survival as they must learn to work with or resist powers beyond their imaginations.

As the nature of “what’s going on” is part of the mystery of the story, I will leave it at that. Expect a focus on narrative, characterization, worldbuilding, and storytelling as the main character slowly changes to a new, more feminine form.

For full disclosure, the “X” rating covers small segments of the game as it stands. Most of the content is more akin to an R rating.

Spoiler Free Missables Guide

(updated 0.6 release)

These include any content elements that would be potentially missed by choices or titinada participating in the content they are a part of.

*Character names partially censored to keep this list as spoiler free as possible

  • Prologue

    • 1 Optional Boss + Reward

  • Chapter One

    • 1 Minor Mental Change TF

    • 1 Bad End

    • 6 Skill Items

    • 2 Weapons

    • 2 H***** affection points

    • 1 V****** affection points

    • 2 Acceptance points for Player Character

    • 1 Optional Boss + Reward

  • Chapter Two (full)

    • 4 New Class Unlocks

    • 4 Physical TFs associated with Class Unlocks

    • 2 Optional Physical TFs

    • 1 Optional Minor Mental TF

    • 1 Optional TF related to clothing

    • 3 Bad Ends

    • 2 Weapons

    • 7 Skill Item

    • 3 Recipes

    • 2 H***** affection points

    • 2 V****** affection points

    • 2 P******* affection points

    • 2 C**** affection points

    • +2 Acceptance Points

    • -1 Acceptance Point

  • Chapter Three (In progress)

    • 4 Optional Physical TFs (2 of which are one or the other)

    • 2 Optional Mental TFs

    • 3 Weapons

    • 1 Recipe

    • 7 Skill Items

    • 3 P******* Affection points

    • 3 C**** affection points

    • 5 M** Affection points

    • +3 Acceptance Points (1 acquirable throughout game)

Some bloknot on the nature of some of these content elements…


Acceptance defines the Main Character’s current attitude on the transformations they’re undergoing. This can fall in one of five categories ranging from complete rejection to full acceptance. Typically, this value is determined for dialogue on how the MC reacts to a change when it happens, or other story elements that may be tied to it.


Affection points are a measure of how fondly a character thinks of the main character. It is important to note that low affection points

will not lock you out of content
. Think of it more like a rivalry/friendship system, though more on the scale of friend to something much more deeper instead. A platonic relationship doesn’t have to be worse than an intimate one, for example.

“Horny” points:

A value that will be used to track the MC’s openness to more casual sexual content. Think of it as an opt-in/opt-out for later sexually explicit content. The hope of doing it this way is to make it more naturally integrated into the story of the MC’c character.









Currently updated for content through….

Chapter 3 part 1 (0.5 content)
  (This is often updated a week or two after a content update is released)

The spoiler Walkthrough is attached to the game as a PDF in the ReadMe folder. Alternatively, the newest one will be available in theDiscord
as well

0.7.1 Technical Patch

  • General Revisions and Additions
    • Game Manual updated with changes + some boss mechanics documentation
  • Gameplay Revisions
    • Altered gameplay dialogue to make mechanic teaching fights more intuitive early on
    • Vulnerability length decreased from 8 to 7 turns
    • Story Mode buff strengthened
    • Story mode vulnerability stacks max out at 3 instead of 8
    • Various balancing changes to player skills
    • Predictability in tactics starts at 6 instead of 5 turns
    • Boss balancing tweaks in a ton of places (stats, mechanics variability)
  • Bug/Issue fixes
    • Critical Damage bug fixed (to note, this makes the prologue superboss easier)
    • Chapter 3 final boss bug with using a move too often fixed
    • Fixed at least some missed parts/oversights in gameplay revamp
    • Rope
    • Typos, Passability, and other Minor Fixes
  • Note: This technical update is only patch files because of the lack of major bugs to fix that were found in 0.7.0

0.7.0 Content Update


  • New Content
    • Chapter 4 Main Story Short Intro
    • Gameplay progression and mechanics overhauled (Impacts the entire current content significantly)
    • New commissioned art included
    • New Bonus Outfits
    • ~10 minutes new narrative content for Chapter 4 Story Intro*
  • General Revisions
    • Jukebox Minor Updates
    • Puzzle Story Mode Skip Updates
    • Various improvements across previously existing content.
  • Battle System Revisions
    • Too many changes to list anything but changes at the top level of design.
    • Damage Calculation methodology reworked entirely.
    • Vulnerability Stacks system added as terintegrasi part of combat
    • Universal Statuses Completely Reworked
    • Tactical Systems Updated
    • Weapon Combo System (mostly) Implemented
    • Skill Updates
      • Almost every skill Updated, Reworked entirely, or Replaced with many new ones
      • Nav Skills Reworked
      • Enemies skills significantly changed in this process as well
    • TF Focus system replaces TF Passive Skills
    • Class Updates for new Systems
    • Boss Updates
      • 4 new bosses
      • Every old boss encounter in the game completely reworked for the new systems
      • Superbosses for Chapter 1 and 2 blocked off for later reimplementation (waiting for wider balancing feedback)
    • Aggro/Mangsa Rate system reworked to be a stacking mechanic instead of rumah rates with each ability
    • Items adjusted for scaling changes
    • Methodology for escape always working changed to accomodate other changes.
    • Visual updates to UI and Icons
  • Bug/Issue fixes
    • Hopefully fixed issue causing Popularity value in chapter 3 to rise when it shouldn’kaki langit.
    • Clean up item retention from party members leaving in prologue
    • Typos, Passability, and other Minor Fixes


  • General Revisions and Additions
    • Adjusted Crowd Cheer les’s future effects message to not give a potentially wrong impression.
    • Adjusted the hint in the puzzle for Calum Side Quest 1 to be more obvious it’s there and give more info.
  • Gameplay Revisions
    • Stat Buff effect +25%->+20% masing-masing stage
    • Converging Drive Cost… 10mp, 10tp, 5%hp -> 5mp, 10tp, 5%hp
    • Blistering Drive Cost… 5mp, 20tp, 5%hp -> 5mp, 15tp, 5%hp
    • Sleight of Hand… Cost 30tp-> 25tp… Gain 0tp->5tp
    • Quad Strike… TP Gain masing-masing hit 4tp->3tp… Damage x0.6 tiap-tiap hit -> x0.55 per hit
    • Aero damage multiplier… x1.75-> x1.8
    • Latch Healing… Activation changed to titinada requiring a turn with 8 turn cooldown
    • Martyred Strike… Damage Multiplier x2 -> x2.2, Cost 20tp, 20%hp -> 20tp, 15%hp
    • Sand Attack Damage Multiplier… x0.45 saban hit -> x0.5 sendirisendiri hit
    • Reckless Aura… Crit rate buff length 1turn->2turns… Crit rate buff +8% -> +7%
    • Regiment Step Evasion bonus… +10% -> +15%
    • Ethereal Strikes TP Gain per hit… 5tp -> 8tp
    • Carousel Drive Korban Rate increase… 175%->200%
    • Fae Touched Cooldown… 15 turns -> 18 turns
    • Balancing changes for new content from v0.6
    • Enemy Skills adjusted for Balancing
    • Enemy Drops Adjusted
    • Changed downside to using Mistake items in challenge mode battles
  • Bug/Issue fixes
    • Chapter One segment that doesn’n account for retinue change fixed
    • Crash in challenge mode fights fixed with Mistake downside changed to avoid it
    • Bug in Penny SQ1 that used an incorrect history of what you said piror.
    • Typos, Passability, and other Minor Fixes

  • Note:

    This technical update is only patch files because of the lack of major bugs to fix that were found in 0.6.0

0.6.0 Content Update

  • New Content
    • Chapter 3 Main Story Complete
    • Chapter 3 Sidequests… 1 added (4 of 4 added, all Ch3 SQs are in game)
    • 1 new physical TFs (optional)
    • 1 new physical/mental TF (optional)
    • 1 new mental TF (optional)
    • 3 new Bad Ends (3 variations on one scenario)
    • Chapter Two Area Superboss Fight Implemented
    • Jukebox system initial implementation (WIP/partial implementation for obvious reasons)
    • New commissioned art included
    • >205k words overall
    • ~3.5-4 hours new content*
  • General Revisions
    • Hole in Ground vendor added
    • Includes Jukebox access, “Pony”, Musical Unlocks, In Hole Costume Unlocks, Bonus Costume Wardrobe Unlocks
    • Musical choices expanded and reworked in Hole in Ground
    • Hole Gauntlet Tier 1 Completion reward… 1 Token->2 Tokens
    • Wardrobe requirements change… Get first new outfit & Class Unlock+Acceptance>=8 -> Get first new outfit & Class Unlock+Acceptance>=7
    • Fantasy outfit faceset colors revised
    • Craftable Housing items all have proper recipes now.
    • “Horniness point” choices add in Ch 1 and Ch 2 (adjustment opportunity at tiba of new content)
    • A couple scenes given more (emphasizing more, no necessarily explicit) sexual variations (based on “horniness” point) in chapter 2
    • Via request, experimenting with a new rest jingle
  • Battle System Revisions
    • Cooldown plugin properly implemented
    • Ultimate skills now have a built-in 20 turn cooldown.
    • Sixth Blitz strength increased with cooldown addition
    • Bleed prestise… -20%HP,+20%TP -> -15%HP,+15%TP
    • Sleight of Hand evasion debuff… -10%->-20%
    • Downturn Strike HPcost 10%->5%
    • Diffusion Strike Can Crit -> Can’t Crit
    • Mute and Stun max potential turns… 5->4
  • Bug/Issue fixes
    • A fix that will hopefully eliminate some situational/hardware specific freezing issues
    • Fix for disassembling Insight Bundles resulting in failure and losing the bundle
    • Typos and Other Minor Fixes

0.5.1 Technical update

  • General Revisions and Additions
    • Added more helpful uang sogok on failure of puzzle in chapter 3
    • Some TF description alterations to remove unintended interpretations
    • Updated Diffusion strike MP regain method to match basic magic attack
    • Tactics system tutorials slightly expanded and clarified
    • Game Manual+Tutorial updates to reflect tactical system, booster system, and weapon changes
    • Tier 3 Class Plan updated from 10->12 classes and various aspects of game updated to reflect that.
    • Walkthrough Updated
  • Gameplay Revisions
    • Blistering Drive damage modifier 1.5->1.8, Burn chance 5%->12%, cost 5mp20tp6%hp->5mp20tp5%hp
    • Convergine Drive damage modifer 1x->1.2x, cost 10mp10tp6%hp->10mp10tp5%hp
    • Enduring Aura can now target any ally instead of just self
    • Leech Strike damage modifer 2x->1.8x
    • Motivate turn count 2->3, cost 20tp->15tp
    • Latch Healing by turn cost and heal changed… 3%->4% mp cost, 6%->12% hp heal
    • Augmented Strike cost changed 10mp,20tp -> 10mp, 15tp
    • Regiment Step cost changed 30tp -> 15tp
    • Savior’s Stratagem 100tp varient HP regen… 3turns,30%HPper -> 3turns,50%HPper
    • Enemy balancing tweaks
  • Bug/Issue fixes
    • Removed some missed legacy booster system elements still in there.
    • Fixed a situation where character TF reactions could get retriggered by accident
    • Fixed issue where certain hints in new puzzle would falsely trigger
    • Typos, Passability, and other Minor Fixes

  • Note:

    This technical update is only patch files because of the lack of major bugs to fix that were found in 0.5.0

0.5.0 Content Update

  • New Content
    • Chapter 3 Main Story 1st Half of Oasis
    • Chapter 3 Sidequests… 1 added (3 of 4 added so far)
    • 2 new physical TFs (optional, branching)
    • 1 new Bad End
    • 2 new temporary TFs (One bad end, one introduced)
    • New Tactical Mechanic & Growth progression system to replace the Booster System
    • New commissioned art included in old and new segments
    • “Enter Code” clothing option added to wardrobe (3 new options added)
    • Costume Options added to ‘Hole in the Ground’ location
    • >165k words overall
    • ~2.5 hours new narrative content*
  • General Revisions
    • Booster System converted to a Legacy system
    • Booster Menu locations converted to Tactics Menu locations
    • Additional Tactical Menu locations created in existing areas
    • Includes legacy conversion for booster items and out of date weapons
  • Battle System Revisions
    • Tactics Skills added to the game
    • 3 new skills created for class based Tactics Skills
    • One of each class’s skills converted to Tactics Skills
    • Class Passive skills converted into Tactical Buffs
    • Enemy Drops Adjusted with new psuedo-progression system
    • Weapons updated with weapon combo colored elements
    • (does not apply to weapons acquired in previous saves, exchange system included)
    • Magic Basic attack damage 0.25->0.3, MP heal 10->15
    • Magic Basic attack method altered from MP drain to MP heal
    • Aero skill damage multiplier 2x->1.75x
    • Enduring Aura MP Cost 20->10
    • Endure state reworked to be more flexible
    • Tier 2 Class backend work+adjustments developed (for later update)
  • Bug/Issue fixes
    • MP/TP/HP will no longer regenerate from walking around if applicable classes
    • Altered some plugin scenarios that may be causing unintended buff/debuff issues and confusion
    • Modified Desperation’s animation to minimize opportunity to cause lag spikes in the animation
    • Better optimized underlying systems that may have caused notably increased stuttering during battle
    • Ethereal Strikes damage calculation fixed
    • Typos and Other Minor Fixes

0.4.1 Technical Update Patch Notes

  • General Revisions and Additions
    • More informative pre-Forest Superboss messages
    • Updated Installation Help ReadMe file
    • Walkthrough Updated
    • Enemy balancing tweaks
  • Bug/Issue fixes
    • Hole in the Ground not handling Story Mode setting correctly… Fixed
    • More extensive bandaid for Challenge Kecondongan resitriction changes on earlier saves
    • Typos, Passability, and other Minor Fixes
  • Note: This technical update is only patch files because of the lack of major bugs to fix that were found in 0.4.0
  • 0.4.1a version updated that compiles the patch files correctly this time

0.4.0 Release Update

  • New Content
    • Chapter 3 Main Story Intro
    • Chapter 3 Sidequests… 2 added (of 4 planned)
    • 1 new Primary Path physical TF
    • Chapter Skip Game Start Mode… First iteration implemented (to end of Chapter Two)
    • Housing System implemented
    • Wardrobe system at earliest point of being unlockable
    • Bond Link System Fully Implemented
    • Hole in the Ground initial implementation added
    • Abyss Fragment Events/Items/Skills added
    • Chapter One Area Superboss Fight Implemented
    • New commissioned art included in old and new segments
    • >135k words overall
    • ~1-1.5 hours new narrative content*
  • General Revisions
    • Altered Class passive skills to get a buff when you have more classes of that tier.
    • Add a small, optional misc event inside Chapter 2 oases.
    • Updated rest spots to a quicker common event
    • Updated mirrors for art compatibility’s sake
    • Added the new Token resource as a reward for story progression and Superboss defeats
  • Battle System Revisions
    • Superboss + Challenge Areas Anti-Cheat measures enabled
    • Diffusion Strike MP restore 30->35
    • Grand Strikes Crit Rate Buff 20%->15%
    • Theatric Moves Evasion Buff 25%->20%
    • Various Enemy stat alterations
    • Unbalanced State now adds massive increase in incaran rate to make more punishing
    • Nav Move chance calculation revamped, including increasing % chance the more it doesn’t activate
    • Booster system future tier balancing tweaked with better consideration for overall balancing
  • Bug/Issue fixes
    • Failed SE call on Linux due to case sensitivity
    • Fixed messed up item keeping logic in prologue because this keeps messing berpenyakitan up!
    • Fixed something I messed up in the enemy attack options for the prologue during debugging
    • Momentum Transfer should work properly now
    • Fixed bug in forest secret area navigation when previously exited forest in unique way
    • Better fix for picnic scene softlock that avoids more oddities (hopefully)
    • Fixed corner case situations where Ult attack animation can cause a problem in battle events
    • Fixed some incorrect loot drops
    • Typos and Other Minor Fixes

0.3.2Technical Update Patch Notes

  • Linux Version (Warning: Untested)
  • Walkthrough Updated
  • General Revisions and Additions
    • Walkthrough updated to include 0.3.0 content
    • Booster System adds “+” variants (add 5 points via one item)
    • Skill in Passive that shows how many booster points per tier have been used.
    • Go through booster crafting sequence to get to show.
    • More descriptions for basic attack types on weapons
    • Physical mirror check lets you decide where to menginjak now
    • Altered some environmental text with long term variations.
    • Adjusted various stats for enemies here and there.
    • Added a couple new TF reactions
  • Bug/Issue fixes
    • Booster usage now takes you back to item menu after instead of menu in general
    • Typos and Other Minor Fixes
    • Multi Weapon randomness mentions updated with mechanic change
    • Adjusted logic of keeping equipment at end of prologue
    • Added something to help realize how to reset puzzle in a chapter 2 sidequest

0.3.1 Technical Update Patch Notes

  • General Revisions
    • Increased Message backlog amount
    • Castle Oasis Enemy movement patterns adjusted
    • Clarifying rewrites on breast stage one TF
    • City Oasis TF progression via choices made values adjusted
  • Battle System Revisions
    • Multi Attack type basic attack no longer random (caused crash with Charm/hunger status)
    • Penetrating Force damaged 400->350. Removed stun chance.
    • Curse burst Mute chance 50%->38%
    • Pierce Arrow Crit chance from 7%->6% per hit
    • Pierce Arrow Stun chance from 4%->3% per hit
    • Castle Oasis alam encounters enemy sets adjusted
    • Synapse Hack damage multiplier 0.3x->0.6x
    • Multi-Synapse Hack multiplier 0.2x->0.4x
    • Various enemy stats adjusted
  • Bug/Issue fixes
    • Multi Attack + charm/hunger crash scenario fixed
    • Fixed softlock scenario in mayor’s basement
    • Prologue password switch no longer continuously accessible
    • Logic on some clothing related debuff application fixed
    • Permanent Heal Block Properly works now for regen states
    • Attacks during heal block situation bypass shields now
    • Fixed mistake on a door requirement in the city.
    • Various changes for clarity
    • Typo, Passability, and Other Minor Fixes (Thanks Kilrah for the lion’s share of these, wow)

0.3.0 Content Release Notes

  • Content Updates
    • Chapter Two main story content fully implemented
    • 2 new Dungeons
    • 3 new Bad Ends
    • 2 new optional TFs (one mental, one clothing related)
    • 2 new temporary TFs (plus derivatives)
    • >110k words overall
    • ~3.5-4 hours new content*
    • Bond Link backend system implemented
      • KNOWN BUG: Won’t be relevant mencicil 0.4.0 when the mechanic is introduced, but some items that were acquired when played on 0.2.2 or earlier won’horizon be dissassemblable.
  • Content Revisions
    • 1st MC transformation sprite slightly adjusted
    • Some NPC TF change reactions changes
    • All state changes altered to be turn end to adjust for backend work
    • Chapter One bad end requirements altered so it’s easier to get past sequence if difficulty is set to story mode
    • Variety of musical choices revised
    • Frenzied Aura/Enhanced State no longer activates on story bosses if Story Kecenderungan difficulty is on.
    • “Armor” renamed “Gear” to minimize confusion
    • “Bond Shard” renamed to “Bond Link” to adjust for changed plans for it
  • Battle System Revisions
    • Advanced Guard Target Rate Buff 200%->215%
    • Leech Strike healing from 100%->75% of damage
    • Emergency Aid changed to Gear Skill
    • Emergency Aid cost and base recovery -> 700hp
    • Emergency Aid crit rate 40%->50%
    • Wide Strike + Quad Strike -> Increased TP gain per hit
    • Quad Strike 0.5 pataka damage tiap-tiap hit -> 0.6 per hit
    • Reckless Aura – HP cost 15%->10%… Crit rate increase 5%->8%
    • Group Healing tumenggung ->7% 4turns
    • Medic adds Shield Healing skill
    • Charge Stand TP recovery 20tp->19tp
    • Hunger prestise changed to “attack enemy” instead of anyone, and counter boost from 50%->25%
    • Unbalanced Critical Evasion/Evasion Rate debuffs increased
    • Enhanced State Luck buff 150%->125%
    • Freeze status also debuffs -10% evasion
  • Bug/Issue fixes
    • Group healing targets all allies now
    • Emergency Aid properly targets fallen allies now
    • Mistake Type A hits one enemy as intended now
    • Sacrificial Bat and abilities reworked to avoid crash scenario
    • Softlock scenario in picnic scene should be workable when speeding up text
    • Skill decription typos, clarifications, and other fixes
    • Map fixes
    • Hopefully better sound balancing
    • Adding “buffer time” to after battle dialogue, so it’s harder to skip a turn by accident
    • Cleaned up Credis formatting
    • Properly encrypting files

0.2.2 Release

  • Feature Update
    • Gameplay Manual initial draft completed (v0.1)
      • Please speak up if there is more info you think should be available in it.
    • Physical TFs now give slight stat changes via passive skills
      • These can potentially be combined with other statuses to get other effects (i.e., baggy clothes hindering movement)
      • For existing save files, advance to the next TF you get… or talk to L***** and leave to get this to show properly in your passive skill menu
    • Added ‘Clothes’ section to checking your status in a mirror
  • Content Revisions
    • Adding Basic Shoe equipment item (fluff item)
    • Enemy Cripple Attack percent chances lowered slightly
    • Chapter One final boss slightly weakened
    • Slight reworks of some reaction writing
    • Slight reworks of some mirror check writing
    • Slight reworks of some tutorials
    • Slight reworks of some prologue dialogue
  • Bug fixes/Technical Updates
    • Bandaid fix for booster item use closing the menu when used
    • Added fire animation where there should have been a fire animation
  • Other Changes
    • Walkthrough updated to included Chapter 2 intro and Chapter 2 Side Quest content (plus misc updates to it)
    • Added tutorial for NPC reactions to changes

0.2.1 Release

  • Added patch file update option for bug fix releases (small download size)
    • Please report any issues if you see it with this method. This is definitely something I’m in the tentamen phase for at this point.
  • Added ReadMe for Macintosh original installation instructions & patch file installation instructions
  • Added attached pdf version of walkthrough to ReadMe Documentation folder
  • Slight reworks of some reaction writing
  • Bug Fixes
    • Added Patch Notes properly to in game section (just forgot to update, lol)
    • Chapter One choice not applying affection increase correctly (V******)
    • Band-aid fix for instance of some keeping a party member they shouldn’t
    • Passable wall instance fixed
    • General editing and typo fixes

0.2.0 Release

  • Native Macintosh version
    • Basic “it didn’t entirely break” eksamen has been done, but otherwise it’s largely untested. Please let me know if there are issues
  • Content Updates
    • Chapter 2 Intro story content
    • Chapter 2 Side Quest content (3 new ones)
    • 4 optional physical Class Unlock TFs
    • 1 optional physical TF in side quest choices
    • 1 physical/mental TF as side quest’s completion reward
    • >65k words overall
    • ~1.5 hours new content*
  • Feature Updates
    • Quest Log System implemented
    • Hub Location systems implemented
      • Class Unlock System implemented
      • Side Quest system implemented
      • World Map system implemented
      • TF Change Reaction system implement
  • Bug Fixes
    • Chapter One box puzzle reworked to remove corner case bug
    • Stopped Booster Crafting Materials from being visible in battle menus
  • Gameplay changes
    • TP gained when damaged changed… 50% of %damage -> 25% of %damage
    • Initial TP battle altered… Random between 1-25 -> Random between 17-22
    • Guard TP gain change… 10tp->20tp
    • SOLDIER class and associated class skills added
    • MEDIC class and associated class skills added
    • FIGHTER class and associated class skills added
    • MAGICIAN class and associated class skills added
    • “Mana Transfer” skill added via “Runic Gear” item
    • “Augmented Strike” change 15tp->20tp
    • “Martyred Strike” change 25%hp->20%hp cost
    • “Sand Attack” damage change 0.5x base per hit -> 0.45x base tiap-tiap hit
    • Reduced number of special water encounter events in forest dungeon
    • Level 1 Nav Debuff skills reduced by 1 turn
    • Level 1 Nav Attacks buffed (increased attack stat+increased multipliers)
  • Other Adjustments
    • Added more mid cutscene save points that made sense to me. Also added a small tutorial warning to not make that save your only save.
    • Self-rating changes from ‘R’ to ‘X’ due to new inclusions of overt sexual themes during certain storylines and more severe violence. Being on the safe side, though it’s relatively isolated content and is borderline on this (may change later even, if convinced otherwise)

0.1.2 Release

  • Feature Updates
    • Added STORY Mode difficulty option
    • Added crafted BOOSTER progression system
  • Bug fixes
    • Various typos and other very minor changes
    • P******* returns items when leaving now
    • Incorrect accessibility of events in cave
    • An unwinnable fight now properly unwinnable
  • Balance changes
    • Reworked standard magic damage formula
      • Magic attacks are slightly weaker, but are more stable relative to the stat difference between combatants in comparison to physical attacks. This is now tuned so the stability is less extreme.
    • Skills Updated
      • “Sand Attack” AOE attack added as “Class Skill” for Freelancer Class
      • “Enduring Aura” skill added via “Knight’s Necklace” item
      • “Pistol Whip” skill TP cost 25->10
      • “Prepared healing” HP tumenggung 5 turns -> 8 turns
      • “Martyred Strike” HP cost reduced 30%->25%
      • “Augmented Strike” cost altered 20MP -> 10MP+15TP
      • “Desperation” cost altered 30%HP->300HP
    • Grand Bat Superboss adjustments
      • Removed ‘Cripple type’ attack from Grand Bat attack rotation
      • Basic attack type pattern (between Pataka, Multi, and Spread) altered
      • Better indication of Final Gambit attack
      • Final Bat Gambit Weakened 333 per hit -> 275 saban hit
      • Final Bat Damage Variance changed 5%->1%
      • Final Bat Gambit now unbalances the Superboss for a turn
      • Evasion Rate dropped 5%->0%
    • Mob adjustments
      • Wisp Ghost stat adjustments
      • Wispy Flare damage variance reduced 20%-10%
      • Slime Shot luck debuff extended to two turns
      • Slimes evasion rate lowered 50%->30%
      • Shambling Body adds basic attack option, lowering frequency of Cripple Attack
      • Shambling Body stat adjustments
      • Misc. HP adjustments for most enemies
    • Item adjustments
      • Added “Mistake Type A” item
      • “Mistake Type 1” damage changed 2000->1250
  • Clarification changes
    • Skill Descriptions now have “Class” or “Gear” skill
    • Superboss difficulty level and in battle indications
    • Forest navigation cutscenes added
    • Forest 2nd party member usefulness clarification (bersisa some more gameplay biaya siluman along with it)
    • Cave puzzle “note” added for more blatant hints
    • “Weapon types” tutorial updated
    • “Skill Items” latihan updated
    • “The Point of Dungeons” completely re-written
    • “Crafting” tutorial updated

0.1.1 Release

  • Day 1 Bug and Oversight fixes

0.1.0 Release

  • Initial Release
  • Prologue Implemented
  • Chapter One Implemented
    • >30k words
    • ~3 hours of main story content*

* Any content time given is an estimation and can vary significantly with reading speed, battle speeds, and other variations throughout.

Review by TNAWAOC

Version reviewed: 0.6.1 on 06/27/2022

One of the best games on this site.

Review by DavidJonesson

Version reviewed: 0.6.1 on 04/30/2022

Pretty interesting and creative game. If you like RPG Maker games this is definitely one of the better ones out there. In its current version (which at the time of writing is 0.6.1) it has more content than I would say most of the RPG maker games on the site, and there are many compelling narratives with good artwork, original worldbuilding and mechanics. Not to mention that the creator of the game continues to update it so (at least at the time of writing) it is one of the few RPG Maker games that gets regularly updated. It has also actually slow MTF transformation that is shaped by your decisions to some extent.

If you are looking for something like a “sex simulation” however this game is not it.

Review by Silky_Layla

Version reviewed: 0.6.1 on 04/25/2022

I guess I’m not starving enough for a game right now to really enjoy this one.

I’m very turned off by it mechanically and storywise. To each their own as far as art and writing goes. However my largest issues with this “game” is that it’s got so many instances of time wasting moments that don’t feed or enrich the growth of the story or characters. For example, there are “fights/battles” that you are actually unable to win, and if you somehow do, you still get a game over. Then there also battles that you just can’tepi langit lose. From a player perpective, I can’t stand this kind of 1980’s style arcade game where the boss is preprogramed to win/lose, why even have the battle? It’s simple, don’n put that kind of crap in your game. Just write it out. If not, it just looks like you attempting to be clever with your game’s buah noni.

I’m also not a fan or blinding white screens that last for minute to try to showcase some artistic element from the story in an attempt to be emersive.

At least there are no bugs though, so theres that.

Review by Wittyusername

Version reviewed: 0.6.0 on 04/20/2022

Only just finished the prologue and already its one of the most well put together games i’ve seen on this site, ashamed that it took derita so long to play.

Review by Kirba

Version reviewed: 0.5.1 on 02/01/2022

TL;DR: A great experience I can recommend to anyone that has no major beef with RPG maker games. Not recommended if you’re only in it for the lewds.

The story is a bit confusing at first, but gradually you understand more and more of the picture. It paces the story reasonably well, constantly rewarding your time with gradual reveals.

The characters are sympathetic and intersting. The world-building paints a unique picture I haven’t seen anywhere else. The writing is solid, and never dragged the story down.

One of the game’s strenghts over other good RPG maker games is its combat system. The game has no XP/leveling, so you never need to grind at any point. Fairly early, a class system is introduced that allows you to combine a class and gear to make your own combination of skills for each character. There is also a tactic system which is global, and adds additional skills and bonuses for each character. Not all the skills you get from gear are amazing, but they are all fairly balanced so there’s no definitive best combination.

The game features a number of seriously challenging puzzles. The hardest ones are optional. Fortunately for people like me who has limited patience, there is a walkthrough file attached. I recommend you use it whenever you are stuck, but otherwise leave it alone as much as possible for the most personalized experience. There are missable equipment. None of it is critical, so you don’t need to go back if you “failed” to do something.

There are a few bad endings with major transformations, which some people like to look for. That’s not my jam, but nice as an option for those that are into that.

Unlike many games with more railroaded transformations, you have some control over how much you want to transform and how much you want to accept it. Your transformations and level of acceptance alters some dialogue, but I have not tested to how large extent.