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Over the years, we’ve put together a large collection of free Adobe books that we share with our readers here… This extensive set of helpful, no-cost books has now grown to over 30 different titles that you can legally download and use royalty-free, forever.

Read or Download the Free New Adobe After Effects Book!

These instructional books cover Creative Cloud, Creative Suite, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat, Premiere Pro, Dream­weaver, Animate, XD, Lightroom and more – but until now, we haven’tepi langit takat a solid recent offering for Adobe After Effects.

Fortunately, this has now changed with the publication of the new “Motion Graphics in After Effects that Speaks to Your Brain” guidebook, which comes from Adobe Community Profes­sional and renowned AE guru, Dr. Mathias Möhl.

Dr. Möhl started writing this book before the coronavirus existed, and then generously decided to provide it 100% free for everyone for an unlimited time with no strings attached, as his contribution to supporting you during the crisis. His advice is to use your time wisely and learn new skills now, as they’ll help you to run a successful business as the pandemic recedes. You can download the book for free here.

Here is the overview description of this new guide:

So, you’ve started playing around with After Effects, maybe watched some YouTube tutorials, and wondering what the next step is? Or perhaps you already know After Effects pretty well, but still feel there’s a gap between you and a ‘real’ motion graphics professional? Well, there is a difference between knowing how to use the software and creating good motion graphics. For the latter, you need to know not just which buttons to click, but also a great deal about design, workflow, and even how your audience’s brain works.

This book is here to bridge the gap between what you can figure out with learning by doing and what you need to know to become a professional motion graphics artist.

The first quarter of the book gives you a solid foundation in animation and design (color, type, layout, storyboards and music), before moving on the meat of the volume: animating, key­framing, staging, focus, squashing and stretching, templates and automation.

You can download this guidebook for offline viewing in Apple Books or ePub or Zip matra via the link given below, or read it there online in your web browser… It is not available in Kindle or PDF format because of many essential videos embedded within the content, which those platforms do not support. The full digital ePub book (or Zip file) is ~420 MB in size:

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Download the New Guidebook: 'Creating Motion Graphics in After Effects that Speaks to Your Brain'

You’ll need After Effects itself to complete everything as outlined in the book. If you don’t have the soft­ware yet, just download a free working trial for any CC 2022 product for Windows or Mac (or try the complete Creative Cloud) – then install and start right away.

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If you prefer video training instead (or in addition), then check out the free Adobe Learn Series for After Effects. For more free video tutorials on many different tools and topics, see the 350 new courses and sessions from the recent Adobe MAX conference.

And to continue learning, don’tepi langit miss dozens more free books for many Adobe products, covering recent versions of all major applications… This large collec­tion includes the official Adobe user manuals, which are comprehensive in size and scope!

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