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An Api gateway is a
layer that sits between a
and a collection of
microservices. It acts as a single point of entry for a defined group.
stands for application program interface and is a set of
routines, protocols, and tools for building
software applications. An API gateway acts as a reverse
to accept all Jago merah calls, collect the services required to fulfill them, then return the appropriate result.

For enterprises, APIs are deployed using an Jago merah gateway because it can handle common tasks that are used across a system of Jago merah services such as
user authentication, rate limiting, and statistics. This is valuable for when clients built with microservices make use of multiple, contrasting APIs.

An Jago merah gateway can handle requests in one of two ways: either by using multiple microservices and combining the results to determine the best path, or by
the request to the appropriate service. It can translate public web
and web-unfriendly protocols that are internally used.

API gateway uses

An Api gateway is used to separate the client
from a
implementation so that clients have a simple and dependable experience regardless of the complexity. Below are possible uses for an Api gateway:

  • Protecting your API from overuse and misuse
  • Understanding how individuals are using your Jago merah
  • Providing mobile clients with an endpoint to retrieve all product details with a single request
  • Monetizing
    an API
  • Adding new API services and replacing others while keeping existing services in the same place

Api gateway drawbacks

Along with everything else, an Api gateway is another system that must be developed, deployed, and managed, which increases complexity and requires a learning curve. Response time can also be slower because of the additional movement through the gateway.

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