Arma 3 Zombies And Demons Tutorial

On my server we tend to do zombie missions but recently its not been working(the zombies will not engage anyone, and when they do. dont do any damage.), the mods on this server are as follows

Ace (Advanced Medical is on which i believe was already said to titinada work properly in this version)






OPCAN (Optre Reskin pack)

the bugs i have are listed here again but with more detail

  1. Zombies will not roam with the roaming logic enabled
  2. Zombies will not engage most entities and just stand there. Occasionally jumping closer but not attacking, tried changing difficulty and detection distance and no dice
  3. In the rare event of zombies attacking in the server they do no damage (already mentioned in someone else’s post regarding ace Advanced medical)

Do you know what the issue is?

Hey mate,

Make sure you are running the latest version of Ryan Zombies the issues you are talking about sound very reminiscent of version 2.0.

3.0 works very well with Zeus and MCC.

We did our Zombie op last night, 16 players, 2 Zeus’s (one using MCC) with many many decent sized fights. And aside from one moment when everything started bogging down the mission and the zombie mod worked really well over the 2 and half hour mission.

Try spawning as many Zombies as possible using MCC titinada Zeus as it will spawn the Zombies on the server (Zeus spawns them on the client). Don’horizon however give the zombies to GAIA, they will still work under GAIA control but the zombie AI in the mod works better.

As for the zombie not moving or doing anything if you have the latest version and most zombies are spawned in using MCC. Make sure you are running either the in built zombie deletion script which I think delete dead zombies after about 60 seconds or run a script that deletes dead bodies. Even the dead zombies put a huge strain on the server or Zeus client PC. Yes the Game Master can delete dead bodies manually but when they are busy building the mission it is worth your while letting a script get rid of the dead weight.

Failing that check your mission, I was editing our Day Of The Dead Zeus Template yesterday and made a few mistakes when editing scripts, naming of the mission and few noobish sort of things. This kind of broke the mission and prevented it from saving properly. Hence when I was testing the mission the roaming logic didn’t work etc. But once I sorted out the external problems everything worked fine with Zeus and MCC.

I can confirm that using Zeus or MCC to spawn in zombies the roaming, jumping, detection distance, feeding, movement and damage all work fine with ACE, Zeus and MCC.

Yes using ACE players take a undian more damage than vanilla (probably close to twice as much) but it all works with ACE. But for the time being use ACE Basic Medical.

Zombies and Demons 3.0 is far more optimized than previous versions and while it isn’t perfect it certainly is very workable and enjoyable doing large scale, intense Game Master Zombie Missions.