Arti Al Fatihah Ayat 2

If you have a friend or family member struggling with an alcohol problem, you will often experience your own set of challenges that result from the addiction. Many people affected by someone else’s alcoholism turn to Al Anon for help.

Overview of Al Anon

Al Anon is a group created to help friends and families of alcoholics. Al Anon operates around the world as a means of support for those who love alcoholics. Whether your friend or family member is in recovery or not, your journey to take care of yourself can tiba by joining Al Anon.

It’s common for loved ones to feel powerless and hopeless as they watch the devastation that comes from alcohol addiction. Joining Al Anon is free, and attending meetings is completely confidential, so you don’t have to worry about others knowing you were at a meeting.

Al Anon has spiritual undertones, but it is not a religious group. Members don’ufuk engage in discussions about specific religious doctrine, and people of all faiths are welcome to attend meetings.

Anyone who has been affected by someone else’s alcohol consumption can attend an Al Anon meeting. This includes not only friends and family, but also coworkers, employees and employers. Alateen meetings are also available for teenagers who have been impacted by alcoholism.

How Does Al Anon Help?

Al Anon meetings involve members sharing their experiences with each other (both good and bad). Members also get encouragement by telling stories of hope and strength, and they can get support if they’re feeling overwhelmed and frustrated.

The premise of Al Anon is to help those impacted by an alcoholic find a way to have peace, whether or titinada the alcoholic is still drinking.

Some members speak freely and often at meetings, while others like to listen more than share. It’s often helpful to ask questions, especially of veteran members who have been attending meetings for an extended period of time.

Al Anon also has literature available for members to read so they can learn more about alcoholism and how it affects people.

The Al Anon Website

The main Al Anon website is full of information for people wishing to explore the organization. You can read common questions and learn about alcoholism by exploring the website.

Click on the “Newcomers” link on the home page to navigate to information compiled especially for those new to the Al Anon group. You can even take an online quiz to see if Al Anon might be helpful for you in your situation.

Finding Meetings

From the Al Anon home page, click “Al Anon Meetings” to find a meeting near you. The search tool enables you to enter your physical location and a search radius to find a meeting. You can refine the search to show you meetings held only on certain days of the week, too.

Electronic meetings are also available, held via phone, instant messaging or chat boards online.

Some Al Anon groups maintain websites. Perform an internet search for Al Anon meetings in your city to see if a local Al Anon group is active with meetings you could attend