Asp Net Web Forms Tutorial Visual Studio 2015

You can use Spread ASP.Jaring in Okuler Studio 2022. Use the following steps to add a Spread component to a Web Form in Optis Studio 2022. You can either open an existing Web Site or create a new one.

  1. Start Visual Studio 2022.
  2. Create a new Web site.
  3. Select New Project or from the File menu, choose New, Web Site.
  4. Under Templates, select Web under Visual Basic or Visual C#.
    Create Project
  5. Select ASP.Sauk-sauk Web Application. Specify a location and name for the project. Select OK.
  6. Select a template such as Empty.
    Select Template
  7. Select OK. If your project does not display the Solution Explorer, from the View menu, choose Solution Explorer. If you used an empty site, you may wish to add a web form to the project (choose Add, Web Form after right-clicking on the project name in the Solution Explorer). Specify the Item name. Select OK.
    Form Name
  8. Add the FpSpread component to the Web site.

With an open project, in the Toolbox under Web Forms, select the FpSpread component. Select FpChart if you wish to add the chart at design time. On your Web Forms page, draw an FpSpread component by dragging a rectangle the size that you would like the initial component or simply double-click on the page. The FpSpread component appears (as shown in this Visual Bengkel seni 2022 project).
Component in Project