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If you have vinyl flooring in your home, you’ve likely discovered how affordable, durable and easy to maintain it is. Wax can build up on vinyl flooring oper time, which may cause some discoloration. If this happens, remove the wax to give your vinyl a fresh look.

How Often to Remove Wax From Vinyl Floor

While you’ll want to clean your vinyl floor regularly to keep it spotless, don’t remove old wax too often. The process of removing wax can be harsh on the vinyl, so reserve this for once-a-year deep cleaning. You might even try to extend the timing out from once a year if possible, to protect your vinyl surface.

You can buy ready-made wax removers from the store to remove wax from your vinyl floor, but a homemade wax remover usually works just a well and is less expensive.

Mix one-half cup of ammonia with one gallon of warm water. If this mixture isn’t effective, you can increase the amount of ammonia up to one or two cups to increase the strength. You can also add one cup of laundry detergent to the mixture to give it an extra boost.

Test First

Before you jump in with both feet, test your homemade wax remover on a small area of the floor that’s out of the way to make sure it works effectively. Apply the mixture to the floor and let it sit for several minutes. When you come back to it, the wax on the surface should have softened to make it possible to scrub it away.

Applying the Cleaning Solution

If the solution is softening the wax, go ahead and apply it all oper the vinyl flooring, working in small areas at a time.

Allow the mixture to sit on the floor for several minutes, then use a stiff brush or fine steel wool pad to scrub away the wax. Rinse away the cleaning solution and wax with plain water. Keep working until you’ve finished the entire floor.

Keeping Your Vinyl Floor Beautiful

Your vinyl floor will look its most beautiful when it’s clean, so clean the floor often. Try damp-mopping the floor with plain water to keep it clean. You might also make a solution of one cup of apple cider vinegar or white vinegar and one gallon of hot water. Apply the mixture to your floor with a mop or a scrub brush. For stubborn stains, make a paste of equal parts baking natrium hidroksida and water. Work the paste in over the stain, and rinse it away with plain water.