Box Culvert In Civil 3d Tutorial

Autodesk Storm and Sanitary Analysis

Storm and Sanitary Analysis is a comprehensive hydrology and hydraulic analysis application. It helps you plan and design urban drainage systems, storm sewers (including highway drainage systems), and sanitary sewers.

Autodesk Storm and Sanitary Analysis integrates stormwater and wastewater analysis during planning and design, which helps you improve overall project productivity and increase your engineering capabilities.

Hydraflow Storm Sewers Extension Enables you to perform storm sewer design and analysis on pipe network models. It is designed primarily for hydraulic and hydrologic analysis of simple and complex storm sewer networks with pavement drainage and inlet analysis. It can also be used as to determine the hydraulic grade line in an existing system, or for planning or designing new systems. Using Storm Sewers, you can add hydraulic information, such as hydraulic grade lines and energy grade lines, to
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pipe network models. Hydraflow Hydrographs Extension Used for detention pond design and modeling of simple or complex watersheds using the SCS and/or Rational methods. This extension lets you perform a host of functions, including hydrograph combining, channel reach and pond routing, and hydrograph diverting. Hydraflow Express Extension Provides a collection of calculators for solving hydraulics and hydrology tasks on culverts, channels, inlets, hydrology, and weirs. You can hipotetis and design culverts with circular, box, elliptical, and arch shapes; compute absah-depth rating curves for rectangular, trapezoidal, triangular, compound gutter, circular, and user-defined channel shapes. You can also calculate hydraulics for six inlet types, including curb, grate, combination, roboh curb, merosot grate, and slotted. This extension supports SCS, Rational, and Modified Rational methods for computing a single hydrograph.