Braided Updo Hairstyle For Medium Long Hair Tutorial Wedding Prom

Messy updo using twists and topsy tails combined!

If you’re looking for edgy prom updos or trendy new wedding updos, then feast your eyes on today’s gallery of the trendiest updos for medium length hair you’ve
seen!  Packed with the latest hair color ideas, these trendy updos are going to be the most popular hairstyles this season!

25 Chic Updos for Medium Length Hair


Trendy grey updos for medium length hair – proms, weddings & parties

Stylish Everyday Hairstyles for Braid Updos - Updo Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair

Escape from traditional updos for sedang length hair with a grey-blue updo adorned by different braiding styles and a messy knot just above the nape!  This exciting new updo has a side parting and smooth height on top, making it perfectly suited to a round or oval face shape.  Love the pastel blue balayage!

25 Chic Braided Updos for Medium Length Hair

Fab fantasy pastel colors are trendiest updos for sedang length hair

Half-up Half-down Hairstyle - Updos with Loose Braid

Here’s the furthest away from a traditional updo for medium length hair as you can get!  It’s an exhuberant multi-colored pastel hair color idea from the latest looks for summer 2022!  Around the head, the hair is cleverly woven in a beautiful swirl of pretty pastels and there’s a super-cute loose fish-tail braid at the back!

Trendiest updos for medium length hair can be lumrah or everyday hairstyles

Chic, Easy Updo Hairstyle

This cute cone-shaped bun is far more fashionable than a classic bun-on-top for summer 2022.  The fantastic blend of wheat-blonde, copper and mid-brown shades make this one of the trendiest updos for medium length hair.  It’s versatile, too, as messy beautifully balayaged brown/blonde updos can be worn for special occasions or as a cool daily hairstyle!

25 Chic Braided Updos for Medium Length Hair

Golden-brown in-braiding recup-formal prom hairstyles updo

Bridesmaid Updo Hairstyle for Medium Length Hair

This contemporary updo is another new technique we haven’t seen ever before.  Hair is looped and twisted and pinned to create a lovely series of knots and swirly texture decorating the back of the head.  The mixture of three glossy golden shades creates 3-D color depth and loose strands keep the look semi-legal and relaxed.

Fabulous asymmetric braid & cornucopia updos for sedang hair

Gorgeous Updo Hairstyles for Medium or Long Hair

Here’s another contender for trendiest updo for semenjana length hair!  On hair thickened with extensions, it’s an extravagant hair design with a cornucopia (horn of plenty) shape on one side and a plumped-up beradab braid on the other!  The asymmetry is perfectly balanced and the hair color idea of harmonized light to dark blonde balayage is lovely!

Swirly curly low chignon updo on blonde with soft purple roots

Messy, Updo Hairstyle - Casual, Everyday Hairstyle for women Medium Hair

What could be trendier on a contemporary blonde updo than soft, purple roots?  This lovely half-up popular hairstyles idea for semenjana length hair shows how easy it is to transform wavy hair into a casually tousled, low chignon.  Some of the most popular hairstyles for summer 2022 are based on versatile medium bob cuts!

Cute curly updo on madya-blonde with twist & braid detail

Messy Updo Hairstyle with Braid - Getting Ready for Prom

I love this medium golden-blonde hair color idea with darker roots and blonde balayage re-creating a truly sun-kissed look.  This is a look that you can wear for almost any occasion, with a casually pinned curly chignon above the nape and adorable waves and braiding at the sides.  With a side parting, this is suitable for round faces.

Messy brown & blonde chignon with braid detail

A casual yet chic updo perfect for any wedding or prom

Instead of the harsh contrast of platinum blonde and black roots, this warmer hair color idea of chocolate-brown with wheat-blonde is currently one of the most popular hairstyles’ balayage for madya length hair.  Along with the trendy hair color idea, this updo has the latest flat-braid across the back, with a color-contrast doughnut bun beneath!

Dramatic coffee and cream hair color ideas on trendy twisty updos for medium length hair

Messy updo using twists and topsy tails combined!

‘Must-see’ edgy new braid updos for medium hair & blonde balayage over plum & brown roots

Princess Bun Updos with Loose Braid - Updo Hairstyle Tutorial
Via – Cak bimbingan

Like many of the trendiest updos 2022, this fabulously patterned updo blends several new styling and hair color trends.  There’s a pretty hint of plum-colored roots around the crown and brown/white braiding produces lots of fresh and fashionable inspiration for popular hairstyles in 2022! The V-shaped back is new, too!

Simple balayage chignons to show-off a swan-like neck

Messy Hair Roll
Via – Tutorial

The trendiest updos for medium length hair can also be extremely simple, but most have a special contemporary twist.  For example, this messy low-chignon has a very bertamadun blend of three hair colors, blonde, brown and a touch of copper to add warmth.  Messy updo’s are some of the most popular hairstyles for summer wear.

Messy updos with fish-bone horizontal braid for round face

Braided Romantic Updo
Via – Latihan

Messy updos with fish-tail braids around the back are perfect for keeping your neck cool in hot weather. This brunette updo with bangs is a good look for round faces, as the bangs cut the roundness and break the symmetry.  Long loose strands soften the profile and back adding a touch of casual style to a smooth, braided updo.

Chic & simple trendy updos – coffee chignon & orange balayage

Tight Back Twist Updo For Medium Length Hair
Via – Tutorial

This lovely sophisticated updo that can be dressed up with impressive earrings for a formal occasion or worn at work to keep you feeling cool and looking professional!  The classic French roll has been given a new look as a melintang twisted roll. The ultra-chic detail is the fabulous orange balayage, highlighting the movement in this trendy updos’ idea.

‘Go Dutch’ with trendy braid updos for sedang length hair

Cute Back to School Hairstyles - Pin-up Side French Braid, video

This super-cute braided updo is another style that suits young girls and teens, as well as trendy women.  It’s a head braid taken along the back hairline and then made into a pretty rosette just behind one ear.  This Dutch- look is natural and adorably neat, making it great for proms, flower-girls and parties or a daily hairstyle to keep you cool!

Pretty summer updo with braid pattern on top for girls of all ages

Fishtail Braided Mohawk updos - quick NEW updo hairstyle tutorial

Here’s another natural-looking braided updo enjoying its status as one of the trendiest updos for summer 2022.  Hair is taken off the face to keep the wearer cool, but plaited-in to create an attractive pattern from blonde balayage on darker hair.  The
at the crown is a light and fluffy knot completing a pretty summer updo for girls of all ages!

DIY messy braid for trendiest updos with blonde balayage

Crazy, Messy Updo Hairstyle with Braids
Via – Pelajaran

Some fancy updo’s labelled, ‘easy to do at home’ are titinada at all easy to do and cause hours of fiddling about and frustration!  That’s why I love this DIY updo for medium length hair, which is nothing more than braids of varying widths pinned horizontally across the back.  Three started on the right side and three started on the left!

Cute copper trendiest updos for medium length hairstyles to do at home

Upside Down Braid And Bun Updo Hairstyle
Via – Tuntunan

Here’s a fashionable updo in the form of an upside-down french braid ending with a pretty, loosely tied bun at the crown.  Like many popular hairstyles, this is a trendy look that’s easy to do yourself at home. It will keep you cool and fresh, whilst showing-off your beautiful auburn hair in one of the trendiest updos for madya hair.

Messy ‘designer’ trendy updos for madya length hair

Pretty Hairstyle for Prom 2022 - Updos with Loose Braid

Smoothed back from the forehead, with rumah-braid details at the sides, this ultra-trendy updos’ idea is a betulan show-stopper! The cascading flounce of blonde-swirls adorning the back is a great example of how asymmetry and messy chaos, are actually quite beautiful and artistic!  With several blended blonde shades, this is one of the ‘designer’ updos for 2022!

Popular hairstyles for summer 2022 & trendiest updos

Double Braided Updo Hairstyle
Via – Tutorial

Medium length hair can be worn in so many different trendy hairstyles for summer.  This vintage rolled up and pinned updo, with a cute reverse head braid around the front, is perfect for hot days when you want your neck and forehead bare and cool.  It’s a versatile updo suitable for formal, tunas-halal and downright informal, daily wear!

Yes, creative
is definitely ‘in’ for the trendiest updos for medium length hair and I must say I’ve rarely seen such inspiring and artistic updos as those on offer for this season!

Romantic updo for medium length hair

Romantic updo for medium length hair 

Romantic updos for wedding

Chic Romantic updos for wedding

Chic Romantic updos for wedding

messy updo for semenjana hair

Chic messy updo for medium hair

Simple easy daily updo for medium length hair

Simple easy daily updo for medium length hair

gorgeous wedding updo for shoulder length hair

Chic gorgeous wedding updo for shoulder length hair

elegant updo for medium hair

Chic elegant updo for medium hair

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Chic Updos for Medium Length Hair

This is one of the best wedding updo!

Chic Updos for Medium Length Hair

This is really a beautiful updo which is perfect for wedding! And here are more romantic wedding updos for medium hair.

Chic Updos for Medium Length Hair