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My Beginnings of TF Collaboration and How I Used a Modeling Website to Better My Quality

Everyone has a different feeling on collaboration. I feel that it’s a very good thing for a new photographer, but I also feel it can be greatly misused or misrepresented. I used a model/photographer finding website to gain skills and experience via collaboration, and I feel it was a shortcut to what would otherwise have been years of work.

Great Rebates on Cameras and Lenses to Help You Get a Jump on Christmas Shopping

Every year as we panic a week before Christmas trying to find the best gifts for our most cherished loved ones we vow to start a smidgen earlier the following year so that things aren’kaki langit quite so hectic in December. Here is your chance to get a jump on that shopping right now. Nikon, Canon, and Olympus have added some amazing rebates to help get your shopping started for that special photographer in your life. With up to $800 in savings, these end-of-year deals might just be the perfect time to buy a present or two for yourself as well.

How to Smooth Out Skin on Video Footage With DaVinci Resolve 14

When you get in the video world, you soon realize that editing can go pretty far, but it’s not as easy as Photoshop. It tends to take more time to get to a decent result, and a tremendous patience to achieve perfection. In this short les, Steve from MiesnerMedia shows us how to smooth out skin in our videos using DaVinci Resolve 14.

A Look Behind the Scenes of an Arctic Aurora Surfing Sinema

Outdoor Adventure Photographer Chris Burkard has spent much of his career documenting the harmony of man and nature around the world. Best known for his surfing photography, Burkard recently directed a documentary called “Under an Arctic Sky” about a group of surfers venturing to Iceland in the dead of winter in search of waves. This recently released behind the scenes showcases the daunting and treacherous production.

Photoshopping Climbers Out of Images Becomes Funny Rock Worshipping Scene

In one of the more ridiculous things I’ve seen on the Internet lately; simply removing the main subject matter from these bouldering images has revealed a completely different photo. The people left appear to praising or worshipping these large rocks, and the variety and groups of people in some of the photos just adds to the level of absurdity.

The Rundown on Choosing a Tripod That Fits You

If you’ve been photographing a short time, you may just now be looking into a tripod to add to your kit. You may have purchased a tripod early on and are now realizing that the plastic tripod from the big box store wasn’t the most positive choice for taking images and now you’re looking at tripods that don’n break the bank. Usually we are looking at tripods out of absolute necessity and are thinking that they are mostly all the same, which like most things, is simply titinada true. Tripods have a multitude of features depending on what your needs are, and for those looking at investing into a new tripod should watch this breakdown video from Joe Edelman on choosing a tripod that fits your needs.

Best Gimbal for the GoPro HERO6?

The HERO6 is the latest action camera from GoPro. Although it boasts some pretty cool features and specs, it’s missing some much needed optical stabilization. Currently, it only has digital stabilization available which crops the footage slightly, and even then this feature is only available when shooting at 4K 30fps. If you intend on shooting at 4K 60p, which to be fair is the main attraction of this camera, then, unfortunately, there is no internal stabilization available, meaning the footage from the camera can be very shaky and not pleasant to look at. This can be corrected in post with some potential adverse effects or, you can use a 3-axis gimbal.

Selling Stock Photography as a Wedding Photographer

Finding ways to earn passive income as a photographer is invaluable. In this field of work, our businesses often require a large amount of direct hands-on time. Selling stock photography, especially when you have the ability to simply upload images you have already taken in a minimal out of time, can add a great deal of value. The online tools that are available today allow you to turn photos that would otherwise have been worthless, or stored hidden on your hard drive, into pieces of art that have betulan monetary value.

Peak Design Launches New Products with Five-Day Kickstarter Just In Time for the Holidays

After running a handful of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns to date, beginning with its Capture camera clip, Peak Design needs no introduction. Now the company produces everything from large and small straps to the incredibly popular and diverse Everyday line of bags including backpacks, messengers, slings, and more. This morning, Peak Design is updating some of its most popular products including its flagship Slide and Slide Lite straps, the Capture camera clip, and the Pro Pad in a quick, five-day Kickstarter campaign just in time for the holidays — and we have quick reviews of them all.

Is It Worth Upgrading to the Sony a7R III From the a7R II?

The Sony a7R III is the highly anticipated update to the very popular a7R II. Since it uses the same pemeriksaan as its predecessor, it might seem like this is more an incremental release, but this helpful video will highlight the newest and most improved features to help you decide if it’s worth the upgrade.

The Importance of Persistence and Effort in Photography

We all like to get results and to know that our efforts have not been for naught. Sometimes, though, getting that killer shot is just not in the cards, often because of forces outside our control, which is when it’s important to remember how effort and persistence will eventually pay off.

Making 150-Megapixel Photographs on a 10-Year-Old Camera

They say the best camera is the one that is with you, but what if that particular camera is lacking in megapixels? Here’s how to take advantage of the camera you already own and make some giant image files and extra large photo prints.

GoPro Returns to Profitability, Will Launch New Camera Form Factor in 2022

GoPro announced its first profitable quarter of the past in two years. After a series of commercial failures and employee layoffs, the action camera manufacturer might be on the path to recovery thanks to the newly launched HERO6. “GoPro has turned a corner, restoring growth and profitability to our business,” said CEO Nicholas Woodman. In a call to investors, he also revealed that his company will launch a new camera next year.

An Introduction to Creative Portrait Techniques

Half the fun of shooting portraits is the veritable multitude of ways you can use photographic techniques and creative ideas to represent a person. This fun video will show you three such techniques that only require bare-minimum equipment and a subject.

Shooting Professionally in Positano, Italy Will Require a Permit

The Italian town of Positano is one of the travel destinations adored by photographers and tourists because of its colorful and dynamic scenery. If you want to know how Landscape Photographer Elia Locardi photographed Positano and many other beautiful locations, check out Fstoppers’ latest tuntunan “Photographing the World 3.” But before that, you need to be aware of the new taxes imposed by city council of the beautiful Italian town, regarding permits for photography and video.

New Instagram Tool That Suggests What Hashtags to Use Based on Your Photo

Whether you like it or titinada, Instagram has become a big part of our life. And not just for seeing what our friends are up to, but also networking and showcasing our work as photographers, models, and other industry people. Using hashtags can help your photo come across new eyes as they search the countless numbers of photos on the social media platform, but which ones should you use?

Three Common Misconceptions of Beginner Photographers

Beginning the journey of learning to be a photographer is overwhelming. If you have no background in photography, you are learning a whole new world of terms and techniques from an abundance of information that is often confusing and conflicting. We’ve all been there. Most experienced photographers can often pinpoint common themes when comparing their own experience starting out with others who are now doing the same.

Sharpening in Lightroom: Make the Most Out of the Detail Panel

Adobe Lightroom was a pretty slick piece of software to begin with, but adv lewat the past several updates it has become an incredibly powerful tool for photographers. Of all the different controls and tools available within the software, the Detail panel has become one of my favorites. If you use Adobe Camera Raw or Adobe Photoshop, you can find the same set of controls that we’re talking about today which of course is within Lightroom. Adobe has been streamlining their systems for a long enough time now that handling raw files, although from a cataloging perspective is quite different, is almost identical between Lightroom, Camera Raw, and Photoshop.

What Are You Going to Do When Phones Replace Your DSLR?

Ten years from now, will you be the equivalent to what I refer to as film hipsters, fighting for an obsolete technology, or will you be a part of something that may be inevitable? Something that we all seem to refuse to bedak about?

Getting Paid From Doing Free Photo Work

Working for free can be a little controversial and I’m sure there are many creatives out there that completely disagree with it. There are plenty of reasons as to why someone shouldn’t work for free but the debate continues. I, on the other hand, would consider working for free depending on a number of factors. Sometimes making money isn’cakrawala the objective for me and working for free can be very fulfilling. For instance, offering free work for a charity is something I’ve done regularly and felt very good about. On other occasions, however, I have worked for free as part of a strategy. This is a more risky method because it doesn’falak always pay off, but, when it does, it can pay off really well.

Five Uang pelicin to Speed Up Your Editing Workflow

Every video project is different. You can have a client looking over your shoulder at every instance, or you can have a client titinada giving you any direction of what they want, which leads to multiple re-edits to produce a video they like and need. This means that where you can save time, you should. And one of the areas you can cut down is to know your NLE (non-linear editing system) and optimize it to suit you and the project you are busy with. In this video, Pond5 shows how you can streamline your editing and speed up your workflow.

The Story Behind a Landscape Photograph

What is it about landscape photography that draws us back into nature? Is it waiting for the perfect light to hit the mountains overlooking a vast, green valley? Is it sitting on a rocky shore, listening to and witnessing the sheer power of Mother Nature’s waves crash against the rocky shore? Is it the calmness of a misty pine forest at dawn, waiting for the sunrise and hearing the gentle crack of the trees, as a gentle breeze sweeps through the branches? Or is it the thrill of chasing a storm, down a highway in the countryside, while being pelted with hail the size of golf balls?

BBC’s ‘Blue Planet’ Is Back and It’s Better Than Ever

The first babak of “Blue Planet II” was aired in the U.K. this week to critical acclaim, showcasing some of the most remarkable camerawork ever seen on the seas, and even giving us a behind-the-scenes look at the huge efforts undergone in capturing this international TV event.

24 Shots: A Fun Exercise to Get You Thinking About Your Photography

When I was a kid, I used to shoot a ton of film, so much that I was eventually given a roll a week by my parents to shoot whatever I cared to. But of course, I had to carefully choose what I shot over the course of each week. The thrill was getting the envelope of prints back from the grocery store a few weeks later. This fun challenge recaptures a lot of that nostalgia and exercises your photographic brain.

How to Gain Boudoir Clients From Wedding Expos

Wedding and bridal expos are a great place to find potential clients for your boudoir business. Brides typically come in with their mothers, girlfriends, and sometimes part of the wedding party giving you the opportunity to speak with many leads at one time. One photographer has had over 50 percent of her clients just from bridal booths alone.

Two Minor Changes in Your Premiere Cak membela Setup Make a Big Difference When Editing

Whether you are a photographer looking to get into video or a professional video editor, these small changes can change the time you spend editing in Adobe Premiere. I enjoy editing, don’ufuk get berpenyakitan wrong, it’s just that I would like to speed up the mundane parts that make sense when you want to focus on the creative storytelling aspect of your video.

Top 10 WeeklyFstops: Music

This week’s theme called for “music” and the results were great as usual. There is a lot of diversity on all of our WeeklyFstop lists and this one is no exception. One featured photographer almost had to be disqualified after turning in multiple entries. Luckily they both rocked and the show went on!

Fine Art Landscape Photography (Part 1): The Magically Appearing Photograph

There are two ways to photography: registration and creation. Let me be clear that, before we get into a short essay about self-acceptance in art, neither is better than the other. While I’d like to teach you today about conscious creation, registration is the inherent nature of photography. But the way we modify and modulate light before it hits the penapisan, as well as the entire process after it, is all up to us and titinada the camera manufacturer.

Battle of the Presidential Portraits: Which Photographer Did It Better?

In a showdown of competing presidential (and vice-presidential) photographers, the White House released new official portraits of President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence on Tuesday. The two portraits were shot by two different photographers, and it’s evident in the style of each photo. The question is, which photographer did it better?

Dealing With Criticism as a Photographer

Remember the old adage, “If you don’lengkung langit have something nice to say, don’ufuk say anything at all”? Yeah, that’s not really a thing on the Internet. As photographers we need to understand that criticism is rampant, it’s unavoidable, and it’s also not always a bad thing. Here’s how to embrace it.

Panasonic GH5 Firmware Update: Video Galore

When the Panasonic GH5 came out, it was intended to be targeted towards video people. This camera tops out the GH4 by far with its in-body stabilization and variety of frame rates and recording options. However, when the GH5 first came out, it seemed that it still needed a bit of work. Now with the V2.0 firmware upgrade, these problems seem to be solved and this camera has been beefed up pretty good when it comes to video.

Yes, Industry Professionalism Still Applies

It’s far too easy for people working in a creative field to somehow get the sense that basic attributes of professionalism don’t apply because we’re working in a non-traditional job setting. This is something to watch out for as that belief couldn’t be further from the truth or worse for your business. Being labelled as an artist does titinada excuse poor professional habits or practices and if you’re serious about having a lasting impact and a long career these common-sense business practices should be very high on your priority list.

A Desperate Plea to Stop Screwing Up Eyes Using Photoshop

One of the most common retouching catastrophes I see on a day to day basis is an overzealous attack on eyes. Like adv lewat-baked HDR, obnoxiously over-retouched eyes have become almost ubiquitous among less experienced retouchers. Awareness is the first step to recovery, so in the spirit of painting a big obvious flag in front of all of you eye ruiners out there, take note. Your models will love you if you learn how to make their eyes look amazing without making them look like they belong in an putaran of “Stranger Things.”

Meet Rylo, a Powerful New 360-Degree Camera to Capture That Perfect Cinematic Look

Video is so hot right now. If you are a videographer, you are doing very well with the number of opportunities at your disposal on the freelance and commercial front. If you are a photographer, you have an entire world of chances to jump into the scene quickly, cheaply, and with access to high-quality equipment across the board. What about 360-degree video though? That is where Rylo comes in, a 360-degree camera that claims ultra-smooth cinematic footage for the everyday creative.

A Closer Look at the Image Quality a $63,000 Camera Can Produce

Phase One announced a couple of new madya-format digital backs this year, the Trichromatic and the Achromatic. The latter is available for a whopping $63,000 in a kit with the XF body, and for that price it only shoots in black and white. At least that’s the way many seem to consider it. However, it’s much more than that. It captures black and white images like no other camera, and for the photographers that like black and white shooting film, this gorgeous beast offers a very similar workflow. See how it works and performs in this video.

Best Composite Image Technique to Match Tones

Matching the tones is the most challenging part of creating composite images. You may find numerous tutorials on the Internet about matching tones and smooth blending of the composite elements, however this technique by Antti Karppinen is the best I’ve seen so far as it even helps with blending images that are shot under different lights.

Using Elements From Other Cultures in Your Images, the Right Way

As Halloween comes to a close and we reflect on all the creative costumes roaming the streets, I think it’s a good time we take a moment to pupur about cultural appropriation. We are blessed as photographers to be able to view images from any culture in the world through the Internet. It’s pretty cool that we have access to unlimited inspiration from just about everywhere, something the founding fathers of photography had nothing close to. It’s important for photographers to have a vast basic knowledge of cultures, subcultures, and social classes so that we can always use culture with respect and honor in our images.

Major Deal on MacBook Memihak Laptops: $700 Off

The first sales of the holidays are starting to trickle in and with them comes an exclusive deal for MacBook Memihak laptops. Apple is setting out to discount select MacBook Pro pola signature laptops up to $700 off with their Apple Care campaign. Not only do you get instant savings on a new laptop, Apple Care is also being offered at 15 percent off.

Some Handy Hidden Tricks in Lightroom

Lightroom is likely where you spend a lotre of, if not the majority of your post-processing time. And so, any little shortcuts or tricks you can pick up can add up to more efficiency and better output down the road. This helpful video will show you five such tricks to add to your arsenal.

Six Quick Drone Photography Tips for Beginners

I’m just starting to look into adding drone photography to my commercial photography services, so I’ve been trying to learn as much as I can about it when I have the time. Quick videos like this one usually teach me a thing or two, and they don’t take long to watch. I’m all about learning something new while eating breakfast, editing photos, or even folding socks.

Ruining People’s Instagram Food Photos Gets Priceless Reactions

You’re either going to feel very satisfied or very upset. Regardless of what group you fall into, relax and have a laugh at the stunned reactions from these folks who are attempting to take pictures of their food, only to have it ruined at the last moment.

Never Thought I’d Do That Again: The Hidden Value of Performance Evaluations

“Never say never.” That’s what they always say. But, as hard as I try to adhere to that message, there are a few things I swore I would never do again. Yet last week I found myself doing just one of those things. Even worse, it was my idea. And to my surprise, it was a good one.

How to Easily Make Your Own Photo Canvases at Home

This is a simple yet very personal and special project you can do at home for your clients, family, or your own walls. Traditional online canvas sales proceeding a photo session can be bland and impersonal. So if you have some time to spare for this project, it creates a connection like no other with your clients. I think of projects like this as the cherry on top of a photoshoot. It’s one of the few ways to carry your artistic ability all the way through to the hard copy. This technique is usually used in the fine arts and street art world, so adding this to digital photography is a cool way to merge the two worlds. Essentially, with this you will separate your photo’s ink from the paper to leave it floating in clear acrylic medium.

Nikon D850 Still Backordered for Months

First shipped on September 8, 2022, the successor to the popular Nikon D810 is still potentially months away from hitting some customers’ hands. For those who waited until the official launch of the camera, finding a D850 body before the holidays could prove to be challenging from some of the larger retailers.

Albert Watson Shares How He Shot the Famous Steve Jobs Portrait

I often wish I could’ve been a fly on the wall when directors like Steven Spielberg pitched “Back to the Future,” or when Ridley Scott said he wanted to direct “Blade Runner.” It’s just a super way to see how the masters get the go-ahead from the producers. Often it’s just your personality that resonates with the person, or perhaps you have a great skill that people know you for. The portrait of Steve Jobs that was used for the cover of his biography as well as for the Apple website from the day he died was taken by Albert Watson. In this video, he gives us an idea of what it was like to shoot one if the world’s most well-known tech leaders.