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To avoid students accidentally resetting the locks:

  • Collect locks as students open them.
  • Or have students place them all in a designated place like a Lock Parking Lotre as they unlock them.
  • If a wheel/ring lock falls apart, instruct students to give it to the teacher immediately.

  • When setting the locks for an activity, store them in the locked position to avoid accidentally changing the combination.
  • Write down the combinations for the activity on
    this recording sheet
    and keep it with the Breakout EDU kit (so that the next person can reset the locks more easily). This helps to troubleshoot in case someone forgets to reset one of the locks.

  • After an activity,
    reset the locks to zero
    , or to an easy to remember combination.
    On the multi-lock/wheel, we recommend lining up the protruding knobs/characters (so that there is titinada one specific combination of letters or numbers that you need to remember).

  • When changing the multilock/wheel/ring lock, twist the end off and remove all of the rings. Line up the red lines along the line on the left.
    Always use a starter ring first
    (they have spokes that stick out). Line up the combination over the red lines. Put the end of the lock back on. Note: all of the rest of the letters/symbols will have a thin layer that sticks out on the left. You will need to remember this when using the
    color rings
    since it may be hard to tell which way is up. The lip/edge should always stick out a bit on the left when you are sliding on the rings.
  • After changing the combination, test it out to
    double-check that it worked.

What if I can’t open a lock?

  • First, see if you can find out the last activity the locks were set to. Try those combinations.
  • Check if your custodian has lock cutter/ bolt cutter to cut the lock off. Kiriman replacements by emailing
    [email protected]. Locks are about $12 each.