Colourpop Give It To Me Straight Tutorial

Last summer vacation I went to America. America is, of course, a great country and is definitely worth a visit. This country isn’t only beautiful but it also has great stores where you can buy a undian of different things. I went to the Ulta and I bought a Colourpop palette that I wanted for a long time. Wondering if this palette is worth it? Then read my review about Give it to derita straight Colourpop.

Give it to me straight Colourpop

Give it to me straight Colourpop

Colourpop is known for its beautiful packaging. This packaging is of course very simple, but still very beautiful. Thanks to this packaging, this palette fits perfectly in my collection.

Give it to me straight Colourpop

This is what the palette looks like. Like all palettes from Colourpop, this palette also has a magnetic closure. This is very useful because this makes sure your palette doesn’horizon dry out and that it can’t break. The palette is very light and therefore very easy to hold when you make your eye look. I always like to hold the palette while I do my makeup. This is titinada possible with all palettes, but with this one, it is possible, fortunately.

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The colors

Give it to me straight Colourpop

The colors are really perfect for autumn. I am therefore very happy that I have bought this palette and certainly with the coming autumn, these colors are really perfect. Two very light colors are added to each palette of Colourpop. I think this is a bit unfortunate because I have enough of these white colors. I am very happy with the red-purple colors, because I didn’t have one yet. Furthermore, these colors are really perfect if you like a nude look.


These are the swatches of the palette. The colors are somewhat similar, but there are a number of colors that stand out very well. I find TMI very nice, but also Up Front, Candid, Forthright and Actually.

What do you think of Give it to me straight Colourpop?


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