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Transendental Report Text About Dolphin Terbaru – Lumba-lumba, kalian tentu sudah rangkaian mendengar mengenai sato laut senang meloncat-loncat ketika berenang, bukan? Yup, hewan ini tergolong hewan cerdas. Apakah kalian telah memahami informasi mengenai hewan yang satu ini internal Bahasa Inggris? Berikut adalah contoh teks amanat (Report Text) mengenai lumba-lumba.


Dolphins (Delphinus Delphis) are very intelligent animals and they are seemed to be loved by humans. They are water mammals which have been able to dazzle us in various ways. They have a high curiosity, have strong ties in their group, and they have been known to help people in a variety of situations, including in the rescue. There are 43 different species of dolphins are known. 38 of them are dolphins that live in the sea and five other types are river dolphins that live in fresh water. All species of dolphins are under threat of extinction, even five species of dolphins that live in fresh water is very rare even declared extinct.

Dolphins are highly proficient in jumping. Even some of them can jump up to 30 feet in the air. Dolphins swim to the surface of the water at a certain interval different to get some air. Dolphins are aquatic mammals that breathe with lungs. When taking the air on the surface of the water, the dolphins spent 20 seconds to 30 minutes. Dolphin’s body is covered by grayish blue skin which is very sensitive to human touch and other objects in the water.

Various species of dolphins are under threat of extinction due to several factors including the destruction of their natural habitat, food availability problems, water pollution, and even injury or death by natural entangled fishing net or hit a ship at sea. Therefore the conserve for dolphins is needed to help them remain sustainable in the future. The average life span of dolphins in the wild is 17 years. However, some have been documented that dolphins can live to the age of 50 years.

A deeper knowledge and more information about the dolphin is the first step to better conservation and to understand these extraordinary animals. In addition, information is a weapon and our contribution to preserve dolphins and protect its habitat.

Dolphins have been interacting with humans since long time ago. During that time, they are the most dangerous predators and the predators who make their population plummeted human. Although human knows that dolphins are very intelligent and friendly creatures, but they still have a great threat to them.


Dolphins are mammals classified as intelligent animals. Dolphins can help humankind if dolphins are trained. Sea lions, primates, whales and dogs are also included as intelligent animals. Dolphins which have been trained can perform a variety of attractions and they can also count, but not wild dolphins have not been able to do a variety of attractions. Today, dolphins and whales is rare, so they should be protected. Dolphins and whales have begun protected throughout the world.

Although dolphins have 100 teeth, they do not use it to eat. They only use the teeth to get food and then immediately swallow. Dolphins can consume more than 30 pounds of fish per day. They are usually grouped in hunting by cornering schools of fish. It is the strategy of many strategies that dolphins use in hunting. Another strategies that are often used by groups of dolphins in hunting is the jump, swim zig-zag, surround, and combinations of the above strategies.

Most species of dolphin live in the sea but there are some who can live in fresh water. Dolphins that live in fresh water is very rare to find. Several freshwater dolphins can be found in the river Haungho China, Brazil Amazon river, and the Mahakam River in Indonesia. It’s amazing to know that there is a huge difference of size amongst all species of dolphins. The biggest can weigh 10 tons and has a length of 30 feet. The smallest would weigh only 90 pounds with a length of 4 feet. Species and the location of their life play a key role to body size of dolphin. All species of dolphins have a body that is designed to move in the water quickly without spending a lotre of energy. Their body movements depend on the fins and tail in navigating while swimming in the water.

Through research in, echolocation has been identified as a key element of the life of dolphins. This allows them to communicate in the water by identifying the sound waves. It is the ability of a complex derived from a melon that is located in the dolphin’s head. Dolphins have very good eyesight, and they can see what is around them both when they are in the water or when they are on the surface. They also have excellent hearing, 10 times better than humans. They are very sensitive sense of touch that they use to strengthen the relationship between dolphins in one group. However, their sense of smell is not very good. Dolphins rely on a combination of their senses to avoid danger, to find food, and to socialize.

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