Game Maker Studio 2 Rpg Tutorial

How to go from nothing, to a feature-complete, zelda-like, action RPG using GameMaker Studio 2! This page allows you to access the source code for each khas episode of my free YouTube tutorial series.

A Free Demo
of the final game we build in this series is available for download below!

Patrons of my work can access these files by linking their account here.


  • Player character that moves in 8 directions and animates in 4
  • State machine & Entity based system
  • 3 Unique item scripts: Hookshot, Bow, Bombs.
  • Scalable and versatile systems for:
    • Enemies
    • Combat
    • Entities (liftable, throwable, destroyable, lootable, talkable, useable)
    • Item drops & collectables
    • Unique items
    • Dialogue & responses
    • Shops and item unlocks
    • Quest flags
    • Saving & Loading with multiple slots

This series is aimed at
beginner to intermediate
level developers familiar with the basics of GMS2 and involves some tricky concepts. Total beginners might prefer to work on a simpler project, and may find more value in my Complete Platformer series.


In pesanan to download this latihan project you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $10 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Download demo

Development log

  • Code for episodes 35-38
  • Source code ep34 added
  • Episode 29 added
  • Source code added (2.3 update!)
  • Latest Source Code added
  • Penggalan 21 + 22 source code
  • Ep 19 source code added

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