Goddess On The Go Bali

This hotel is actually not very well-reviewed. The tunas-open structure, with the exception of the bedroom, washroom and living room, are all outdoors. We stayed for three nights. It was already dark when I arrived, and I was a bit scared when I entered the villa. I did t’tepi langit even dare to wash in the bathroom alone. As for the shower, because it was imitating a mountain spring, I was facing away from the stone wall, and my head was open-air, surrounded by some plants , The light is dim, so my husband and I are bathing during the day. At daybreak, the curtains opened and the environment became clear. I sat in the living room, blowing the natural wind, the blue waves of the swimming pool, and the ears screaming. Breakfast and afternoon tea are rich and delicious, and the restaurant is also very good. On the contrary, the SPA feels average, the towel sheets used are always a bit old. Service is good, staff are OK in English, kinder. Although there are only 23 villas, it looks like living in a forest or a botanical garden. It is very atmospheric. The problem is, because the weather is hot, the bedroom has always been a musty smell and tide feeling of the old house. In short, it is suitable for people who love nature and are close to nature. Personally, I am particularly afraid of bugs. At night, I always worry about something out of the dark. In addition, no matter how to repel mosquitoes and insects, the environment is impossible to avoid. The two of us ended up carrying dozens of bags. This hotel, I score 5 points during the day, and I only give 3 points at night. I don’t think there is any need to worry about seeing if someone cares about not bringing children. This place is not suitable for small children and the elderly.

Source: https://www.trip.com/hot/hotels-near-goddess-on-the-go/