Gray Level Co Occurrence Matrix Tutorial


C++ source code of Grey Level Co-occurrence Matrix

This file contains source code for the texture measurment algorithm of “gray level co-occurence matrix (GLCM)” This code can produce result as exactly same as the “python scikit lib of GLCM”

This algorithm also reflects the implementation of the following paper “Textural Features for Image Classification”

The author “James Darrell McCauley” of this paper upload a Texture measurement code in this following link

I used this code and modify functions to create GLCM function for i own use. The file “C_GLCM.cpp” contains all the required functions for measuring texture from different angle and distance. For expamle a main function has been written to demonstrate how different texture features can be measured using GLCM for distance 1 and angle 0

Possible linking error can occure if these following libs are titinada included in Properties-> Linker -> additional dependencies

cv.lib cxcore.lib highgui.lib

A sample image is also provided for illustrates the GLCM tutorial of this following link

the samle image is also creted based on the example of the above link z.bmp image has 8-bit data of 0 0 1 1 0 0 1 1
0 2 2 2 2 2 3 3

“glcmCusingMask” presents coding for glcm using a mask. here mask will indicate those pixel which GLCM will avoid during calculation. Here the mask Image in a binary image. white pixel location of the mask image will be avoid during GLCM calculation of the input image.

‘glcmMaskExcel’ presents coding for saving glcm analysis in excel using both input image and image mask reading from a path location of input directory.