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Your Most Complete Guide to

Jakarta Indonesia

Discover what Jakarta has to offer with cost-cutting strategies, insider tips, and the most detailed
information on hotels, transport, attractions and major interests.

A GoJek driver in Jakarta waiting to pick up a passenger.

All Transport Guide

Jakarta is a huge metropolis! Learn how to get around the busy streets of Jakarta with our easy-to-follow guide.​

Train at Jakarta Airport-Railway Station. From here many passengers will travel to BNI City Station in Central Jakarta to access other forms of transportation such as the MRT.

Jakarta MRT Guide

Make use of the Jakarta MRT Network to avoid traffic and enjoy your holiday in this big kota besar.

Jakarta MRT Map

Jakarta Airport Guide

So you’ve arrived in Jakarta, what’s next? Learn how to navigate the city’s international airport and how to get to your hotel.

National Gallery of Indonesia. This is a very popular art gallery that showcases some of the best artwork in Indonesia. It is located directly east of the Monas, minutes from Gambir Train Station.


Getting bored in Jakarta? These attractions are something to look forward to and soon.

Taman Fatahillah and other attractions in Kota Tua can be accessed from Jakarta Kota Station.

Jakarta “How To”

Get to know the must-sees in Jakarta so you will have a more satisfying holiday.

Look for this sign in Jakarta Airport Terminal 2 to find the hotel.

Where to Stay

Get to to know the best neighborhoods in Jakarta. Find out the most convenient hotel and accommodation options.

Masks are commonly seen in this market

Pasar Emak Kramat Kudus
– One of the largest fruit and vegetables markets in Asia and hampa foreigners know about it.

The National Gallery of Indonesia is a great spot to explore while in Jakarta. It is right beside Gambir Station and the Monas.

Museum Macan
– Considered by many as the best museum in Jakarta so far. Find out what makes it great.

Museum Wayang

Jakarta has a super affordable puppet museum to visit!

The facade of Thamrin City Mall

Plaza Blok M Mall
– This mall is physically attached to the MRT System in Jakarta. Zero Traffic!

Pasar Raya Blok M– Want to find the largest souvenir store in Jakarta. It’s right here.

Yojana Menteng
– Like fustal or basketball? This is the place to play for free.

Suropati Park– Watch local artists play music for free at this public park.

MONAS– This monument is adored by all Indonesians. It represents Indonesia’s freedom from colonialism.

The Mandarin Oriental in Jakarta Offers Superb Views of the Welcome Monument.


Ragunan Zoo is the largest zoo in Jakarta and a very popular attraction for visitors to the city.  It occupies roughly 147-hectares of land in South Jakarta.

The colorful bicycles adds to the festive ambiance of Kota Tua

Kota Sepuh is one of most popular places to visit in Jakarta. It is‘Jakarta’s Old Town’. This is an area about 4.5 km north of the Monas that mainly consists of Dutch colonial buildings …

The Monas, short for

Monumen Kewarganegaraan

is one the top tourist attractions in Jakarta. Visiting the Monas should definitely be something to consider during your trip to Jakarta.


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