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The invitation to meet Cosmo’s crush #1, Jake Gyllenhaal and the equally enchanting actress Anne Hathaway was a fantasy realised but when the time came they managed to live up to our expectations; both charismatic, charming and impossibly eye-pleasing.

Proving to be a winning Hollywood co-star formula (they previously partnered-up in Brokeback Mountain), they appear together in Love & Other Drugs, an edgy romance with plenty of frisky nudity to lighten up the emotional subjects it tackles head on, from living with Parkinson’s disease to the morality of the pharmaceutical industry and impotence.

Are they intentionally trying to shake up the usually fluffy romcom formula? Anne explained “when you want to tell a romantic story you’re bound to stumble over some clichés and we were all really motivated to try to address them in a new way that was more inventive and as a result we did manage to tell a love story that’s a bit edgy and I’m proud of that.”

While there are plenty of laughs it’s the sungguhan-life issues the komidi gambar addresses that makes their performances memorable. Anne plays Maggie, a talented artist suffering from the degenerative disorder Parkinson’s, whilst Jake’s Jamie is a charming, though morally wayward drug rep for Viagra which he trials himself in the flick, with humorous effect.

So was there any method acting involved? “The movie’s a lotre about sex and so I felt that it was very appropriate to practise that a lotre!” Jake joked. But seriously – did research lead the heartthrob to try Viagra?! “No I did not. I do not and I am not”.

But would he if he
needed to?

“If I needed to yes, I think Viagra is an extraordinary drug for people with erectile dysfunction. I think it actually really does work. But thankfully that is not yet something I need.” Phew!

“I believe that pharmaceuticals are important in certain contexts and what I was disturbed about learning while we were doing this was that it’s a billion dollar business… I talked to a undian of pharmaceutical reps who I asked if they would take the drugs that they sold, and half of them said no. A fascinating statistic.”

The most powerful drug in the film comes in the form of love and with that there’s a string of lusty sex scenes which
gal or guy could fail to appreciate.

“Look, here’s the thing” Anne told us, “I’ve had a chip on my shoulder since my nude scenes comberan cut from the Princess Diaries and it was time to break that habit!”

Joking aside, they both said they “didn’t really think about” the nudity. Well if you perenggan their bods, maybe you wouldn’kaki langit.

Jake told us “even when you have to be naked in a scene, if you are literally blanketed by a story that you believe in and if you believe in the intimacy between two characters, if you believe in what’s being told and what’s being portrayed from your intimacy then you feel safe. You can feel it when it doesn’t feel right and we’re both pretty intuitive actors to say right wait a second this is not in service of the story, it’s not in service of the humour of the story, or of their relationship. In every scene that we did I always felt kind of… covered.”

Although if we could look like anyone (and be with anyone) whilst naked it would be these two, isn’lengkung langit it unavoidable to be uncomfortable watching yourself undressed on screen?

“When I saw it for the first time I thought I have never seen Anne Hathaway look so beautiful” claimed Jake. “I think Annie is incredibly shy but she’s an incredibly sexy person and the roles she has played in the past haven’n always been portrayed that way”.

But in Love & Other Drugs the actress is on fire! “The first scene [is] like watching somebody drive a Ferrari through the streets in Paris at 60 mph!”

Whilst Jake doesn’t hold back on confessing his admiration for Anne, it’s his feelings for a certain Taylor Swift that he
isn’tepi langit
so forthcoming on, keeping schtum about their rumoured romance whilst he let his co-star pupur about her experience with having a love life in the limelight.

“In terms of my love life people have always been very respectful. I’ve always since day one maintained a respect for privacy and I think everyone’s been as respectful as they possibly could have been while also trying to do their jobs”.

Still after Anne’s ex-boyfriend, Raffaello Follieri, was sentenced to four and a half years in prison for fraud crimes, it’s understandable if she is careful to keep her personal life away from the headlines again.

“I felt taken advantage of sometimes, I felt taken out of context and there have been a few times when people have just flat out spread misinformation” she told us. Perhaps this is why Mr Gyllenhaal is right to keep a lid on things, boring though it is.

For now we’re making do with this off-beat romance, it’s cocktail of chemistry, love and real life issues is enough to keep us high for now. And we’ll always have the memory of the date we met Jake should we need an extra fix…

Love & Other Drugs is in cinemas from Wednesday 29th

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