Love Of My Life Guitar Tutorial

Welcome to this Love Of My Life Guitar Tutorial by Queen!
I’ve had so many requests for this song, so I’ve finally gotten around to it. It’s probably the most in depth lesson i’ve created to date but definitely one of my favourite to play. In this video I teach you an acoustic version of Love Of My Life based off Queen’s 1981 live performance in Montreal – you can check out a clip for that futher below in the description. Note that this isn’t a note for note transcription but a helpful guide to show you the main structure and parts of the song. Brian May always plays this song differently every single time, but the core chords and structure generally remains the same. He also uses a 12 string guitar but since I know most people won’t have one this arrangement is for a 6 string guitar but is arranged so that some of those higher notes are still heard.

Thanks to my mate @david_scammell for providing his lovely vocals – check him out on instagram.

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-Dave Tran (Your online guitar teacher 😁)