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Hello everyone and welcome back to
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the best tutorials on Microsoft Dynamics NAV (or Navision)
 that you can find all over the web, all
free and in English
 , so that you can definitely learn to use this great software.

For clueless readers who do not know what Dynamics NAV or Navision is (as it was previously known), I will tell you that it is the

most popular and used

ERP software


What is ERP software?

Let me explain: ERP stands for
Enterprise Resource Planning
enterprise resource planning systems)
 , that is, it is software aimed at companies (SMEs in most cases) that is used to
plan, manage and automate

 most of the processes associated with the production of goods or services.
I will cite a definition included in one of the tutorials that you will find below:

ERPs are computer solutions whose objective is to manage information across the different areas of the company to streamline tasks, improve production processes and reduce costs.

Most companies related to the world of production or services, in their growth process, reach a point where a manual monitoring of production, logistics, distribution, inventory, shipping, invoices and accounting processes becomes inefficient, erratic and expensive.
That is the moment where an ERP can be of great help in our company.

About Microsoft Dynamics NAV

The ERP Dynamics NAV or Navision is a

, for which we have the guarantee and support of a large company.
The history of this resource planning software dates back to 1995 and has gone by various names such as

Navision Financials
Navision Attain
Microsoft Business Solutions Navision
 and the current
Microsoft Dynamics NAV

It is a very mature product in its sector.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision) is part of a more extensive set of software called simply
Microsoft Dynamics
 , and which includes several other products focused on the business area such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft Dynamics GP, or Microsoft Dynamics SL.

Either because you want to implement this ERP software yourself in your own company or because you want to offer the implementation service of this system (professionals in this sector are incredibly well paid), learning to use Microsoft Dynamics NAV will bring you great benefits to professional level.

Without further ado, we leave you with the
best compilation of PDF tutorials on Microsoft Dynamics NAV
 that exists on the web, where you can
learn from scratch to advanced level
 everything you need about this magnificent ERP.

We hope you enjoy them and they are useful to you 🙂

Product Presentation and Features Guide – Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2022

This document is not really a tutorial, but an

presentation brochure
 through which we can better familiarize ourselves with the functionalities of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2022, understand the difference between its different versions, and understand if this is the ERP that it really covers the needs of our business.

Great as a first contact document.




31 pg / 213 kb


Basic Tutorial Navigation Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2022

This tutorial is a pdf version of an article published in the
Navision Tutorials

and written by its author,

Miguel Ángel Reyes

With it we will have a
first benaran contact with the software

We will learn to connect to our database (for example,
MySql ), we will understand what the
different sections and buttons are within the

 Microsoft Dynamics NAV

graphical interface

 and what they are for, and we will learn to move through the most important sections and organize a little our workspace.

Perfect for breaking the ice and learning to move within the acara.

Tutorials Navision



38 pg / 212 kb


Implementation of an ERP: (Microsoft Dynamics Nav: Navision) in a toy company

This document is actually
Miguel Ángel Carbonero’s final
 degree project for the Bachelor of Technical Engineering in Management Informatics at the
Carlos III University of Madrid

But the way I see it, this is a great Microsoft Dynamics NAV les.

And I say that it is so magnificent because it is a
very complete tutorial
 in which we will accompany the author in the complete implementation of Microsoft Dynamics NAV in a toy company, with a central and store network.

To begin with, it offers us a
perfect introduction to the origin and evolution of ERP management systems

 , as well as the needs to which they were responding.
Then he raises the needs and objectives to be covered in the aforementioned toy company.
And then, step by step, leading us by the hand, he will guide us in

detail through this entire implementation process

Schemes and illustrations are not lacking, to make everything as clear as possible.

From my point of view,
this is the best cak bimbingan on Microsoft Dynamics NAV that you can find
 , if you are starting from scratch or beginner.

Miguel Ángel



491 pg / 10.4 mb

Beginner /


Finally, we bring you an
official manual
 for internal Microsoft use on
 (that’s what it was called then).

It is the most up-to-date official manual in English that we have been able to find, and yet it is from 2005!
In reality, the program has not undergone radical changes since then, so it can continue to serve us as a good reference guide, acuan to always have around while we work with Navision.

A more advanced Navision latihan, teladan as a reference guide.




214 pg / 650 kb

Intermediate /