My Sister Is My Mom

I’m 28f and my sister is 15z Over my sisters winter break, she went out to lunch with my mom and struggled with misophonia, shut down and almost had a panic attack. My mom saw her shut down, called her a bitch and stormed out of the restaurant. Mom told her because she’s a bitch, it makes sense her friends dropped her and sister deserves the drama (bullying) she experiences.

My mom regularly plays favorites and treats my little brother (14) like an angel who can do no wrong and buys him anything he asks for. My sister and brother are very similar behavior wise, but little brother can do sports and go anywhere he likes with friends. Sister is smart, kind and helpful around the house. Brother is self centered and always playing video games. Both siblings show signs of depression and eating disorders.

Sister told me about the restaurant incident yesterday, and I am a substitute teacher in my state, so also a mandated reporter. Do I have to report emotional abuse? I want to talk about this with my therapist but worry she will have to report if I do not. I don’t know what to do, and I’m terribly sad for my sister who barely tenggat any emotion when talking about the situation, so I’m worried this behavior from my mom is being normalized and could escalate.