Natural Eyeshadow Tutorial Step By Step

Creating natural makeup looks can be tricky. First, you have to find the right makeup items that match your skin tone and type. Then, you have to blend them to perfection.
The no-makeup makeup look has always been a rage among the enthusiasts, and for a good reason.
It allows you to embrace your features and accentuate them to create a stunning look.

Celebrities have often aced this look because nothing can beat natural beauty. So, if you want to try that paling kecil makeup look and cherish your beauty as well as imperfections, we are here to help.
It might need some effort and attention, but trust us, natural makeup is worth all of it.
Our exclusive uang sogok and tricks will allow you to master the art and get a stunning look. So, swipe up for a simple but effective makeup tutorial.

Natural Makeup Look – Les

Here’s what you’ll need to slay this no-makeup makeup look. #IWokeUpLikeThis

What You Need
  • Lightweight, hydrating moisturizer
  • Radiance primer
  • Luminizing foundation (or a lightweight one)
  • Concealer
  • Eyelash curler
  • Mascara
  • Eyeliner pencil in black
  • Bronzer
  • Cream Blush
  • Lipstick

Step 1: Prepping Your Skin

Prepping your skin is key to slaying this natural everyday makeup look or any look for that matter.
Make sure you cleanse, tone and moisturize your face properly with a lightweight moisturizer before you begin. It’s crucial to prep your skin with a primer – and the best option would be to choose a radiance primer like the
Estee Lauder – The Illuminator Radiant Perfecting Primer.
This will give you an ultra smooth base and will help your foundation glide on like a dream. You’ll also have a super fresh, glowy finish.

Step 2: Applying Your Foundation

Pick a lightweight foundation or a tinted moisturizer in a shade that exactly matches your skin tone.
If you can’n seem to find your exact shade, mix two shades for a flawless finish.
Try the
Maybelline Dream Flawless Nude Fluid- Touch Foundation
if you want to achieve that dewy, fresh glow. Use a buffing brush to blend in the product. We recommend the
Real Techniques Expert Face Brush
– it buffs in the formula incredibly well and your skin looks skin-like, rather than giving your face a masked look. Now, the trick to make your face look like it has nothing on is to buff, buff, and buff some more. So take some time to do this in detail.

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Step 3: Time For Concealer

Brightening your eyes and banishing any dark spots or redness is what’s next.
Use a concealer that you love. We recommend trying the
Maybelline Bugar Me! Concealer
– it’s super pigmented, it won’horizon crease, and it stays put all day long! Draw a V-shape underneath your eyes – like an inverted triangle, and use your buffing brush to buff the product out, mengangsur you can’t see any harsh lines or patches. Remember, blending is key!

Step 4: Moving On To The Eyes

Once you’re done with your base, it’s time to enhance your eyes (in the most subtle manner possible.) Mulai by curling your lashes using a high-quality eyelash curler. We recommend trying the
Revlon Lash Curler No. 8
– it’s of great quality and is affordable at the same time. Once you achieve your curl, it’s time for mascara! If you want to volumize and lengthen your lashes with one product – the
Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara
does wonders to give you gorgeous, fluttery long lashes. One layer of mascara does the trick for this look – for both your upper and lower lashes. Next, use a black eyeliner pencil to tightline your upper lash line, to give an illusion of thicker and darker lashes. We can’t get oper the
Urban Decay 24/3 Glide-On Eye Pencil
in black – it’s extremely pigmented and long-lasting.

It’s also a great idea to groom your eyebrows and add some definition – nothing too major since it’s all about subtlety. Use a brow powder to fill in sparse areas of your brows, and apply it with a thin, flat angled brush.

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Step 5: Warm It Up With Bronzer

When we say bronze it up a notch, don’t go overboard because this look is all about keeping it simple. Use a subtle bronzer and slightly brush it along your cheekbones and hairline to warm it up a bit. Try the
Too Faced Chocolate
Soleil Matte Bronzer
to create an oper-warmth – it’s infused with 100% real cocoa powder!

Emo Makeup Tuntunan And Uang pelicin]

Step 6: Add A Flush Of Color To The Cheeks

For your blush, cream blush without any kind of shimmer or glitter looks most natural. It has a texture similar to that of your skin and is also very sheer. For a lit-from-within effect, try the
Stila Convertible Color
– it’s a cheek and lip cream, and it gives you that perfect, translucent color. Use a blush brush and put a little bit on your cheeks, blend it out well with your buffing brush.

Step 7: Perfect Your Pout

Add some color! The perfect lip color is one of the secret ingredients to a stunning no-makeup makeup look. Depending on the shade of your blush, there are a few ways you can go – if your blush is coral or a brighter pink – tone it down with a muted lip color or a tinted lip balm. If you want a natural pink shade – try the
M.A.C Lustre Lipstick in Syrup.
Pick a shade that is closest to your natural lip color – for that “my lips, but better” look.


And ladies, that’s how it’s done! A fresh, lit-from-within, no-makeup makeup look that you can literally wear every day – whether it is to work or to a movie date. Also, it’s great for every season!

Tips: How To Nail The Natural No Makeup Makeup Look

Now that you know what products you can use and the techniques you can try to achieve a naturally gorgeous look, here are a few tips, tricks, and hacks to nail this look even more!

  • Invest in good skin care products and make sure you always keep your face well hydrated. Remember, the basis of this look is to showcase and embrace your natural face – so make sure you take proper care of your skin and follow a healthy and nutritious diet.
  • Always exfoliate your lips beforehand with an old toothbrush and some lip balm to get rid of that nasty dead skin. Who doesn’falak love soft, supple lips?
  • The main trick is to go light-handed with your cosmetics – a natural makeup look is far more attractive as opposed to the heavy, full-glam face.
  • When it comes to doing natural makeup with eyeliner, opt for definition and titinada drama. A great tip is to apply a black or brown eyeliner pencil to the top waterline of your eye. After applying it, shut your eyes really tight – this helps push the pigment of color into the roots of your lashes while deepening the appearance of your natural lash line. Finally, take a cotton bud and remove the majority of the pencil from your waterline – this way your lashes will look naturally defined sans the harsh lines!
  • Don’t use your bronzing powder all over your face – this will give you that fake tan appearance. For a more natural finish, apply it around the outside edge of your face and lightly under the cheekbones.
  • For your lips, try not to go with a bold pigmentation of your lip color. Make it softer by dabbing on a lip stain and diffusing the color with your finger.
  • Use a clear brow gel to set your eyebrows in place. This little step will add so much structure to your face by grooming those brows and keeping them in place all day.

We get it: Once you use makeup, your face is not completely natural. However, using bare essentials like moisturizer, sunscreen, and lip tint, is not completely natural either. Natural makeup looks use just enough products to protect your skin, cover up inconsistencies, blemishes, spots, etc., and give a glow to your face. So, it is not really altering the natural look of your face by using bright colors and dramatic depths but only smoothing out your features with a touch of highlighting effects. We hope you find this tutorial on natural makeup looks useful, and it helps you learn to apply makeup that does not appear made up.

Infographic: Healthy Habits For Naturally Healthy Skin

Whether you prefer the simple and natural or the dramatic and bold, you will find a makeup trick to suit you just fine. However, for your skin to remain naturally healthy and glowing, you need to adopt a good skincare routine and a healthy lifestyle.

Click the infographic below to learn more about the healthy habits you can adopt for naturally healthy skin.

healthy habits for naturally healthy skin [infographic]

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

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