Need For Speed

franchise is perhaps the most popular racing game franchise. For over twenty years, Electronic Arts have released
Need For Speed,
taking players on rides across countries, through crowded city streets, and even local circuit racetracks.

The most recent installment into the franchise is
Need For Speed: Heat;
players can get behind the will of their favorite vehicles and take on the game’s content in a number of ways while also being able to fully customize their ride inside and out. There are three main types of events for players to engage in: Track, Drag, and Drift. Picking the right car for the situation is vital for success, and not all tuners are created equal. Specifically in drift events, choosing the right car can make or break a race depending on how the vehicle takes turns and grips the road.


Mazda RX-7

need for speed heat

The Mazda RC-7 is a tuner fan’s dream; it is a Japanese two-door sedan with a twin-turbo engine that hits speeds upwards of about one hundred and fifty miles per hour without modification. The RX-7 is a classic among racing fans in both professional and street-level communities because of its handling and drifting capabilities.

However, the Mazda RX-7 gained much of its popularity from the Initial D racing manga and anime series which made it a fixture in the drifting community. Players who equip a Pro Drift Differential and some Elite Drift tires on this machine will slide around corners with no effort at all.


Subaru Brz

need for speed heat

The Subaru Brz is a main-stay in the
Need For Speed
world as well as the street racing community; the Brz is celebrated for its handling and high-speed capabilities. The Brz was a joint venture by the Japanese companies Toyota and Subaru and released with a wide variety of interest thanks to its sleek look and various optional builds.

The Subaru Brz is loosely based on the 2000GT, and because of that, the vehicle quickly hit the streets as a racing contender. With the right build, the Subaru Brz can put its peers to shame with the way it bends around corners, reaching a complete sideways drift, and clean glides across all types of terrain.


Nissan Silvia S15 Aero Spec-R

need for speed heat

The Nissan Silvia is perhaps one of the most prominent vehicles in the drifting community and one of the most popular cars in the
Need for Speed Heat
game. The car is gifted with a rear-wheel drive paired with a stock turbocharged inline engine that pushes towards one hundred and sixty at top speed.

Need For Speed Heat, the Silvia has superb handling and excels at many different tracks. However, Drifting is where the Silvia shines as it hovers across wet streets and kisses the guard rails of downhill twists and turns.


Nissan Skyline GT-R

need for speed heat

The Nissan Skyline has always been a powerful machine and a fan favorite among racing enthusiasts; perhaps the majority of its popularity sprung from the
Fast and Furious
movie franchise. The Skyline is an above-average vehicle on drifting tracks with a back end that slides outward easily but maintains a steady acceleration allowing it to maintain speed.

Players may want to apply the Sport Drift Differential to maximize sideways distance and to allow maximum performance and feel when taking on corners. The Nissan Skyline is a beast on any street and maintains dominance in the drift category within
Need for Speed Heat.


Mazda MX-5

need for speed heat

The Mazda MX-5 is somewhat overlooked in
Need for Speed Heat,
despite being a top contender in drift events. In addition to its real-world performance, the Mazda MX-5 is a great pick when utilizing the right build, achieving minimal sixty thousand point runs depending on the track.

Players won’kaki langit have any keburukan clearing events but should keep in mind that because of the vehicle’s size, the back end may not slide out as much as desired. However, this doesn’t impact the vehicle’s ability too much. While the Mazda MX-5 is an overall versatile car that competes adequately in multiple types of races, it overtakes the competition in Drifting.


McLaren 600LT

need for speed heat

The McLaren 600LT is the only exotic supercar on the list and stands equal amongst other drift monsters in
Need For Speed Heat.
The 600LT is a speed demon straight out of the garage that doesn’lengkung langit take much to get going and is even capable of winning races straight from stock modifications.

Being another iteration of the Sport series of McLarens, the 600LT is also a member of the “Longtail” models, which also features a top-mounted exhaust system. The 600LT was developed for optimal performance and did titinada disappoint as it excels in various sections but stands out in both drag and drift races.


Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution

need for speed heat

The Mistubishi Lancer class of vehicles stands out and is a prominent fixture in the drifting and rally racing community. The Lancer Evolution stands among the top with excellent track and off-road capabilities; however, the Lancer Evolution also stands out in the drift category with pengarah handling and above-average acceleration.

On top of its mechanical capabilities, the Lancer Evolution is also a visually appealing vehicle with a sleek and compact design that attracts many fans and professionals. In
Need for Speed Heat,
the proper modifications and visual customizations will create a speed demon that will clear the pack and leave competitors in the dust.

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