Say You Won’t Let Go by James Arthur Guitar Lesson EASY Strum Version

In this beginner guitar lesson / guitar tutorial we teach you how to play Say You Wont Let Go by James Arthur on guitar.

This song only uses 4 chords, but is played with a trickier finger picking style which can be difficult for a beginner. In this lesson, we will focus mainly on a simplified strumming version. You will be shown alternate easier guitar chords, and various strumming options. We have also included the finger picking style for the more advanced guitar players. Most of the video focuses on the simpler version with various strumming pattern options.


Watch the video here–

You will need to use a capo for this song in antaran to play in the same key as the original. If you don’t have a capo, you can still play this song, with these same chord shapes, but just move them all down 3 frets. You will now be playing in a different key, but it will work fine if you want to just play the song by yourself without the original recording. This can also work well if the original key of the song is too high for your voice; by moving the capo lower or removing it completely, you lower the key of the song.