Sketchup Tutorial House Design Part 1

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Windows are an integral part of any home design. Neither the interior nor exterior should be neglected. To give you some inspiration, here are some fun home window ideas for matching the right designs to your home.

Colorful Frames and Mullions

The color of your windows’ outside frames and mullions can really give your home exterior some personality. It’s easy enough to paint wooden frames, but even metal frames are available in a choice of colors.

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You might want your home window designs to blend in with your neighbors’, or to stand out next to them. Whatever color you choose, consider its relationship with the rest of your house and your street.

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Explore Awning and Hopper Designs

You might also want to look into alternatives to the classic sash window (if this is what you start with). There are numerous window designs for homes, including awning (top- or bottom-hinged) and hopper (bottom-hinged) styles.

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Focus the Eye on the View

Looking from inside the house, your view of the garden or street can sometimes get lost amidst a complicated bagian dalam design. Why not keep things simple, drawing attention to the view with neutral gray frames or wood window designs?

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Focus the Eye on the View II

Alternatively, you could draw attention to the window by having the frame be a bold color and the surrounding walls a more neutral tone. You might like to try orange muntins in a plain white kitchen, for instance.

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Blend the Outside In

Maybe you want to blur the boundaries between the inside and outside. This works especially well in a room with a undian of windows. Simply choose a gentle green for your frames to blend with the view outside.

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Blend the Outside In II

Of course, your view might titinada always be leafy green. If your view is of the sea or sky, for instance, you might like to go with blue frames. Or, if it’s of buildings and the street, you could choose brown or gray.

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Opulent Purple

Purple is a luxurious color associated with royalty and power, but you don’t often see it around windows. It can therefore look rather quirky and bohemian, while also adding an air of grandeur to your home interior or exterior.

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Striking Minimalism

Classic black and white might not seem all that adventurous, but it brings a timeless sense of style to any home window design. However, because it has a cooling effect, it may be most appropriate for the bathroom.

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Eye-Catching Mullions

There’s no reason to limit your window designs to basic square mullion designs. Plenty of alternatives exist that can serve as strong focal points in and of themselves, such as diamond-shaped mullions.

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