The Tutorial Is Too Hard Epub

Well as you guys can see from the title I have just finished kursus is too hard and I am dissatisfied with it. The story tenggat too much potential but the author has ruined it last 100 or so chapters.

First they created this mystery of MC getting stuck at floor 61 which was amazing and we kept getting fed breadcrumbs and foreshadowings. It was awesome. The conclusion after disciple reached him was a bit weird but it still felt satisfactory. Heck I would even be okay if the author decided to stop the novel there. After all the whole novel is about the pelajaran and how hard it was for him.

Spoiler from this moment forward so read at your own discretion.

However it all went to shit in the last 100 chapters. First there was the religion arc in the Earth. It felt far fetched but okay MC is a god and he needs to cultivate believers… right? WRONG!! MC kept saying he didnt need the believers from earth oper and adv lewat again whenever his religion got bigger then why in the hell did you even make the religion? Okay whatever he might have gone insane in pelajaran I am cool with that.

Then the whole schenanigans with the god of hope and the pantheon. I can understand hope trying to off MC since he destroyed his holy sanctuary but why in the name of hell would you then decide to be allies with him? The dude literally ravaged your house! Whats more you are even helping him kill off the pantheon. Okay maybe they were your enemies I can get behind that but then why did you let him literally put you into prison and torture whenever he gets the chance? And even after that you didnt have any negative thoughts towards him? What?

Fine lets say hope is a masochist. What about the rabbit girl Kirikiri? Why did she end up being the god of adventure? Sure it might seem like a cool plot twist but what else? Whats more she even messes up with MC’s plans and even traps him with God of Slowness time manipulation powers. Excuse me but how? Fine lets say she used it somehow but then MC learns she committed a literal genocide of the universe so that slowness would lose followers and wouldnt become a transcendent god. Fine it was all in the past but sike its not! She still wants to destroy the current civilization to stop god of order this time. Basically she used MC from the start just for that purpose to kill gods destroy civilizations and lastly stop god of order, okay. But MC does nothing about this and in the novel he killed people for less so he just lets her go… excuse me!? Author you are literally destroying your own MC’s character here.

Then the end… yeah that’s the end. After saying goodbye to Kirikiri and making a cake call back and Kirikiri crying for some reason he just leaves to fight the god of kiriman thats it. The novel is finished. I swear to god I have never felt anymore cuckholded in my entire life!!

Well this is my honest criticism of the novel and I know its extremely subjective. So for the people who have read the novel did i get something wrong or was the novel this bad?