Tocaedit Xbox 360 Controller Emulator Tutorial

Update for Windows 8/10 users :
The download which I’ve given doesn’kaki langit seem to work on a few games that are running in Windows 8. If you having any issues with it, download the latest package from here named ‘’ [Depending on the 32/64-bit system you have installed] and then download the ‘’ and replace the files with the ones which came in my package. That should fix the issue.

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how you can emulate any gamepad or game controller as an Xbox 360 controller.

What’s the use of this?

As you maybe knowing, an Xbox 360 controller is one of the bendera game controllers used by various games of this age. There are also few games that supports only an Xbox 360 controller. For those, who cannot afford an Xbox 360 controller or those who already own a controller which is not compatible with several games, this tutorial should do the trick.

About x360ce :

x360ce is an opensource project which focuses on emulating an Xbox 360 controller for windows. It receives input from any game controller and converts into Xbox 360 controller signals and saves it in an dll file which you can use to make your gamepad compatible with almost any game. You can see the full compatibility list here.

Instructions to use :

  1. Download the Xbox 360 Controller Emulator Package here. You can also download it from the official project page, but this is quicker since I’ve already configured it to work with a generic USB gamepad.
  2. If you wish to change the buttons according to your controller, open up the x360ce.exe and change the settings.
  3. After you are done, close the application and test it using the xinputtest.exe.
  4. Copy the files ‘xinput1_3.dll’, ‘xinput9_1_0.dll’, ‘xbox360cemu.ini’, ‘dinput8.dll’ and ‘Xbox360LibaryWrapper.dll’ and paste them into the root folder of your game directory or in the folder where you can see a lot of similar dll files. [BE SURE TO TAKE BACKUP OF THE FILES IF YOU ARE REPLACING THEM].
  5. Now run the game. If everything went right, you should hear a beep sound when the game boots up.

What if it doesn’t work :

  1. Check whether game is compatible in the game compatibility list. Set the InputHook mode according to your game in the Options screen of ‘x360ce’ application.
  2. Create copy of the file ‘xinput1_3.dll’ with any of the file below and check whether it works:xinput1_2.dll xinput1_1.dll
  3. xinput9_1_0.dll
  4. Check the forum for support.

Games I’ve tried with :

I’ve tried this with games such as,

  • Just Cause 2
  • Need For Speed : The Run
  • Burnout Paradise
  • Grand Theft Auto IV
  • Blur
  • Need For Speed : Hot Pursuit

and all of them work perfect with vibration. NFS games batas more precision in the control and steering only after emulating the gamepad as a Xbox 360 controller.

Feel free if you run into issues, and I’ll help you to solve them.