Tutorial Autocad Land Desktop 2009 Pdf

In our world today, even in every education system, abstract knowledge alone would not be sufficed to prepare an educated person for the world of work without practical skills. The worker or productive individual must not only be knowledgeable but must also be versatile in the application of skills to perform defined task or work. There are two basic forms of learning; the first one is Education and the second one is Training. Both of which are indispensable to the productive world of work and the functioning of society today. Both education and training are important: there cannot be effective education without some training input and there cannot be effective training without some educational input. The productive solo, particularly in this millennium must be able to combine and utilize the outcomes from the two forms of learning (Know-How Ability and Do-How Capability) for the production of goods and services. This need to combine theoretical knowledge with practical skills in order to produce results in the form of goods and services or to be productive is the essence and justification for industrial training and at the end of the training, a report must be written. Students’ Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES) report enables students to review and analyze what they have learnt and acquired during the course of the industrial training. This report clearly talk about how to use a powerful and sophisticated Computer Aided Drafting software called AutoCAD, software applications used for Data Science, this includes Excel and SPSS. More so, this report also covers a detailed description of all the activities that were carried out during the period of the training and encapsulates each in a separate chapter base on the outline. The work and activities enlisted in this master-piece were actually carried out by me with my inspektur’s scrutiny and directives.

Source: https://www.academia.edu/6247438/Auto_CAD_Land_Desktop_2009