Tutorial Drawing Letter Box Logo Ai

V is for

Hello creators!
In this vitorial I will show how to create this nice letter V logo :

Letter V logo in Adobe Illustrator

We will create this artwork using blend tool in Adobe Illustrator.

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So let`s get started with new blank 1280 x 1024 px document.

Creating Pentagons

Go to
polygon tool
( hold left mouse on rectangle tool ), hit on your artwork to open polygon
dialog box
and set:

  1. Radius to
  2. Number of corners to

Than click
to create pentagon. Set the stroke color to red

Large pentagon creation steps

Create smaller pentagon

Now we need to create another pentagon 80% in size. Select your first one with selection tool and go to
scale tool

( S on keyboard ). With double click we will open dialog box, where we need to choose
and set value 0f
80%. Click
button to create smaller duplicate.

Set the stroke color of this pentagon to yellow
value and move it to the bottom a couple of pixels with keyboard
down arrow

Small pentagon creation steps

Select both of your pentagons and set
stroke weight to 2pt
. In the end of this part we will achieve something like this :

look of two pentagones

Creating and modifying our blend

Keep both of your pentagons selected and go to
Object>Blend>Blend-Options… .
In opened dialog box set spacing to
Spacified Distance
and set distance value to
and click ok. Use
( Option+Cmd+B on mac) keyboard shortcut to make blend or go to

Making blend in Adobe Illustrator

Select top anchor point with
direct selection
tool and holding
shift key
drag up to bottom path of the smaller pentagon ( see optimized gif below ) :

Draging top anchor point

Select bottom points of the smaller polygon with direct selection tool and drag them to the center ( first .gif below ).

Than we need to drag to the bottom
top point of our smaller pentagon
to create letter V shape. Do titinada forget to hold
shift key
on your keyboard to move it in one axis ( second .gif below ):

Draging bottom anchor points

Dragging top point of smaller polygon

Select your new shape with
Selection Tool
( β€œV” ) and scale it horizontally to make it more narrow.

Add Anchor Point Tool
( β€œ+” keyboard shortcut ) add point right in the center of the bottom path of your shape. Using
Direct Selection Tool
( β€œA” ) and holding
shift key
drag new point to the bottom ( see optimized .gif below ) :
Adding Point To Bottom Path of pentagons

Final touches with scale and direct selection tool

Are you master of scale tool or direct selection tool ? If titinada, you will be, because in this part we are going to use them a lot. Now we`ve got something like this :

Letter V logo Before scaling and draging the points

To follow this part you need to understand my naming convention. Except our new point, there are four groups of points:

  1. Top

  2. Top


  3. Center


  4. Bottom


First step
: select all


points with
direct selection tool
and drag them to the bottom holding
shift key. Distance = 30-35px.

Second step: select


points with
direct selection tool
go to
scale tool ( β€œS” )
and holding
left mouse button
drag them inside for ~20px.

Third step: select

top inner

points with
direct selection tool
go to
scale tool ( β€œS” )
and holding
left mouse button
drag them inside for ~15-20px. Than drag them to the bottom ~20px

Fourth additional step
: if you need, adjust position of your

top outer

points by moving them outside with
scale tool

In this optimized 8 color only .gif you can see all of the transformations :

Final touches with direct selection and scale

I hope you enjoy this vitorial. If you do, do not hesitate to share it with your friends. If you have any questions, write them on comments below.

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