Tutorial Dreadout Act 2 Di Tempat Oasis

Hi and welcome again in DreadOut Act 2 Achievement Help Section. Same as before, this thread will contain all the requirement to get the achievement you want. Of course, I need other people experience as well to complete this thread. I personally are grateful if you do that and I’ll make sure that those who participate in this completion are mentioned in this thread. As you know that DreadOut still have one task left and that is ‘free roam’ game mode, I’ll probably will make another thread like this if DH consider (hopefully) include some achievement in free roam mode. Note that some update, kinda or not alter the way to get some achievement. Let’s start this thread! (*Finished*)

– “Teenage Photographer” Achievement – Acquired the camera
How to get it:
In Train Graveyard, you will obtain ‘SLR’ camera on a corpse. You won’t miss it. It is part of the story anyway.

– “Rest in Pieces” Achievement – Solved graveyard puzzle
How to get it:
Solve three candle puzzle in Nymph’s Wahah (Illusion of Act 0 Graveyard).
1) Near three women, there is an easy candle to the right. Photo and don’t forget to get your ‘Keris’ in the stone.
2) In the centre, locate a black cat who seem to follow you since Act 0. Use your SLR flash to make the plant gone. In the end, you will see candle. Zoom it with SLR and photo it.
3) Near three women, there is a tricky candle to the left. You have to align the wing, the statue, and the snake statue. In my playthrough, I discover that the snake’s mouth width must perfectly align with the head statue width to make this work.

– “We’re a Happy Family” Achievement – Banish many Pocongs in single shot
How to get it:
Make sure you photo a lot of the ‘Hopping Pocong’ (not ‘The Walking Pocong’) in one shot. It is quite easy and tricky in the same time because they kinda a one-hit kill. Make sure you running around to make them gather then photo it.

– “Let it Go” Achievement – Resistance is futile against the hand of fate
How to get it:
Near the end fight of Pocong Radja, you will notice some moment when Pocong Radja grab you and you aim your camera toward him. Tricking you to believe that this is a QTE. Well, to get it and maybe a joke as well, you have to act like you’ve been tricked. Just punch any keyboard or mouse 5 times and then you will get this achievement. Further to ridicule you, you can choose to skip this event although to get pass this event, you just have to ‘let it go’ (basically don’t touch anything). 😀

– “Stay awhile and Listen” Achievement – Listen to her story
How to get it:
After you found Shelly and Siska, press “E” or LMB and hear Miss Siska conversation till the end.

– “Sweet Child Ozon Mine” Achievement – Solved the mystery of the crying widow
How to get it:
Collect 3 memos from Matianak, a women ghost with a baby.
1) In the beginning, you will find her sitting with her baby.
2) When you chase Ruang, you will find her in one of the house. You can’ufuk make her disappear with photo, a game bug. You have to get close and hit by her.
3) When Pangsa go into the house, don’t follow her. Instead go past the house and you will find a car. When you go near it, Matianak will appear. Because of a bug, you have to get hit to get the memo.
Just go back your way will trigger a scene with Matianak, achievement unlock.

– “Call Me Maybe” Achievement – Dial the correct number
How to get it:
You have to note Ira’s phone number in Act 0. When the ghost ask about her number, insert this number! (62 37 32 36 88)

– “Is that Goodbye?” Achievement – Deal with Suzzie
How to get it:
Talk with Ruang without making Suzzie mad. Avoid picking “Stupid Doll” choice to succeed.

– “Inner Beauty?” Achievement – Took a picture of Palasik
How to get it:
After talking to Ira, beat one of three Palasik.

– “Selokan Ahead” Achievement – Took a picture of Gundul Pringis
How to get it.
Walking up the mansion stairs, you will see a bunch of coconut rolling down the stairs. Use your camera and you will see that the coconut are actually a bunch of head. Photo or get hit by it.

– “#instafood #foodism #fOOdpOrn” Achievement – :P~
How to get it:
In the mansion, after talk with the sisters and get rid of the ghost (preferable), go into the dining room and you will notice a table that the invincible ghost doesn’t move. On the table, you will find the food you required. FYI, it is Indonesian, Bandung cuisine speciality, I guess. Photo that soup. One of missable achievement in DreadOut.

– “Pencelup Attack!” Achievement – It’s a cute way to die
How to get it:
When you fight Poltergeist, run around a little bit. After get or evade some hit, the ghost will throw the black pencelup (yes, the pencelup that always follow you) to you. You need to get hit by it. Hard achievement because the ghost aim is bad and we really don’kaki langit know where or when the ghost will throw the pencelup. Funny, it is a one hit dead if the cat hit you.LOL

– “Woman in the Mirror” Achievement – Found the secret of the mansion
How to get it:
Beat The Second Sister in the mirror room.

– “Wrong Turn” Achievement – Reached an alternate ending
How to get it:
After the event in the Dressing Room, you will wake up in the school again. Going out of the school will unlock this achievement.

– “The End is the Beginning is The End” Achievement – Finished DreadOut
How to get it:
After the event in the Dressing Room, you will wake up in the school again. Go back to the school will trigger the final battle. This battle will gone in part:
1) First is easy, you can stay still if you want. Just scan your surrounding with your SLR or phone, find him and photo when he get near.
2) Second, using SLR flash, you will noticed Door Ghost flickering sometimes. You don’n have to wait him appear, just photo that spot. You will then transported into a maggot spot. Beat her and a passage will appear.
3) Third, you have to stay in your camera to get past this passage. Past a simple labyrinth and find the snake bone candle there. Photo it and you will then transported again to the place you already know too well.
4) Fourth, QTE. Everytime the screen glitch, click your mouse.
Enjoy your normal ending. 🙂

– “Take it Easy” Achievement – Playing DreadOut with convenience
How to get it:
Beat the game with turning on all the experience settings. Somehow you have to get normal ending to unlock this achievement.

– “My Way or The Highway” Achievement – Playing DreadOut without any clues
How to get it:
Beat the game with turning off all the experience settings. Same as “Take it Easy”, you have to get normal ending to unlock this achievement.

This is DreadOut Act 2 achievements. I want to thank you for AjgorB25HD and Greslus. Without your contributions and supports, I can’t possibly complete this thread. I like to thank you for all steam users who comments in this thread and make this thread alive. This thread will get update and correction from time to time if it needs to. I’ll try to include some proof pictures to support the content in this thread next time. See you in another thread whatever I make.
Thank you!

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