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What is SAP B1?

– [Instructor] SAP Business One is the ERP system, by SAP, for small and medium businesses. You’ll hear it called many things, such as SAP B1, Business One and Biz One. I often will refer to it as B1. If you’re in a room with SAP B1 users only, it’s okay to call it SAP. Otherwise, try using one of the other names to avoid confusion with it’s bigger cousin, SAP ERP. The two are not the same, and if you’re looking for SAP ERP training you might want to stop this video and find the SAP ERP Essential Training Course instead. SAP B1 is the adopted cousin of SAP ERP. It was developed in 1996 in Israel, originally as Menahel for the Mac and then later Windows 3.1. It was one of the first business systems in the world using a graphical user interface on desktop systems. Renamed TopManage in 2000, the developers began to sell TopManage in Europe and Latin America with excellent results. With these successes, in February, 2002…